SXSW Attendees Know All The New Bands, Even The Fake Ones


Visit for more information These NEVER get old, never. Never. Jimmy Kimmel‘s Lie Witness News segment is potentially the best series on the internet. The late night host sends camera crews into random places and events, then has them as people on the street questions that make zero sense. In this latest rendition, he […]

Conan O’Brien To Host The 2014 MTV Movie Awards

conan mtv movie awards

It’s official! The Oscars have ended, but awards season is not over. On Sunday, April 13th, Conan O’Brien, himself will be hosting the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. Visit for more information “After eight years of intense negations, I am honored to announce I am hosting MTV’s second most prestigious awards show,” the late night comedian and […]

Human Synthesizer, Reggie Watts, Just Wants To “Teach”

reggie watts takes us to school as teach video main

The walking drumbox, beatbox and supreme human synthesizer, Reggie Watts, is a comedian who uses his talents in music to promote good energy. Keeping up his legacy of being a hilarious YouTube phenom, Reggie recently released this new video for the channel, Jash. Reggie, an eccentric children’s school music teacher, schools his class on the […]

Jimmy Fallon x Paul Rudd-Lip Sync Battle

paul rudd tonight show 640

Visit for more information When Jimmy Fallon moved into his new time/show slot with The Tonight Show, last week, I was extremely excited as I’d followed him for a long time. At the same time, I was anxious to see which of my favorite skits he would add/remove on the new platform. Luckily, many […]

Will Smith, U2 And More: The Tonight Show W/ Jimmy Fallon Premiere

Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon Poster Crop 620x400 e13927358194221

Visit for more information Beginning his reign as the new Tonight Show host, the always eccentric Jimmy Fallon held back nothing at his premiering show last night. Accompanied by his trusty sidekick, Higgins, and some band that plays okay music…The LEGENDARY Roots Crew, it was a late night to remember. It was a star-studded […]

Wil Sylvince Shares The Ways A Thug Says “I Love You”

Wil Sylvince

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, comedian Wil Sylvince gets in the spirit of the holiday and shares how your special thug would say “I love you”. If you assumed your man didn’t love you back because his response was only, “Bet”, you may be wrong. Check out the hilarious video he did with the Source, to […]

Funniest Super Bowl XLVIII Memes

super bowl xlviii memes 18 620x589

The Super Bowl gets even more hilarious. Visit for more information Just when we thought this Super Bowl could not get any more hilarious, the internet provides us with extremely funny “Super Bowl memes”. By now you have heard about Peyton Manning’s terrible game.It’s all everyone has been talking about since the lack luster […]

Honest Slogans From Brands You Love

honest slogans 1

If only all brands kept it real like this Visit for more information Despite being hilarious, some if not most of these are dead on. The market is full of advertising tricks, misleading results and statements, and not to mention photos of products that look nothing like the real deal. We as consumers know […]

The Beautiful Lupita Nyong’o Makes A Visit To Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

lupita e1390462790106

Beautiful is an understatement… Visit for more information The gorgeous and talented Lupita Nyong’o fresh off her recent success at the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards payed a visit to Jimmy Fallon on wednesday night. She talked about everything from, her being on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter with actress such as […]

Kevin Hart’s Funniest Hip-Hop Moments

Kevin Hart

Visit for more information One of the best parts of the BET Hip-Hop Awards are the cyphers. Every year established rappers and emcees, old and young, show off their freestyling ability, which are usually taken very seriously. However, this year BET surprised it’s faithful viewers. Kevin Hart and the rest of the Real Husbands of Hollywood cast […]

David Choe x Barbara Walters Paint Graffiti

  Visit for more information David Choe has received a world wind of media attention after the story broke that he is holding $200 million worth of Facebook stock after painting their offices in 2005. Barbara Walters recently met up with Choe for an interview, and to hit the streets. Check out the hilarious […]