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Ja Rule Describes His Brawl With 50 Cent In Detail


Ja joins in on the story-telling About 2 months ago, 50 Cent went on a brutal press run, in which he called out just about everyone that he didn’t see eye-to-eye with in the past, including members of his own team, G-Unit, with whom Fif would later reconcile and re-unite with. Ja Rule was one […]

Listen to G-Unit’s new “Loyal” Freestyle


We’re almost running out of current G-Unit pics to post along with these new freestyles At this point, we just about expect to receive a new freestyle from G-Unit almost everyday. The group is gearing up for their highly anticipated mixtape, coming “soon” and album dropping later this year. The “Loyal” freestyle is delivered less […]

Listen To G-Unit “Move That Dope” Freestyle

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G-Unit is Back! All the members of G-Unit got together and jumped on Future‘s “Move That Dope”, which is produced by Mike Will Made It.  As usual, 50 brings in that raw street edge, which the rest of the members of the crew proceed to follow.  G-Unit seems to be slowly taking over the summer, […]

50 Cent Announces New G-Unit Mixtape

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50 Cent is flooding it A month ago, 50 Cent was prepping to put out his comeback album, Animal Ambition. Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo were “Troy Ave‘s hypemen” as per several of 50 Cent’s Animal Ambition press run radio interviews, Young Buck was still 50 Cent’s arch-enemy, and for all intents and purposes, G-Unit […]

Watch G-Unit’s New Video, “Nah I’m Talking ‘Bout”

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The Unit is really back, man. Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Young Buck are the dark horses in 50 Cent‘s fascinating NY radio interview stories no more. They, along with Fif–and apparently Kidd Kidd–are G-Unit once again, and while it isn’t exactly Beg For Mercy, we can’t imagine too many people are complaining about them […]

The Game Announces ‘The Documentary 2’ Coming Soon

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Every day that passes, it begins to feel more and more like 2005; from the G-Unit reunion, 50 Cent coming back with Animal Ambition, Dipset’s reunion, Outkast touring, and the rekindling of G-Unit’s and The Game’s subliminal sparring. Well, here is one more notable nostalgic announcement that should keep fans excited for 2014. The Game called in to a radio program to talk about his […]

Listen To New G-Unit “They Talked About Jesus”

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The Unit is on one serious roll. G-Unit does it again. The collective released a track titled “They Talked About Jesus,”  which is exactly what fans will be saying once they give it a listen. Despite on stage fights and other rumored disagreements within the camp – it is good to at least hear Young […]

Listen To The Game Rant And Go After Haters On “Bigger Than Me”

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Them Compton boys are hungry… As The Game prepares to drop his sixth studio album Blood Money La Famila, he releases this controversial track entitled “Bigger Than Me”. Advertisement   The Game lets his raw lyricism take over this track going at XXL’s freshman cover, claiming to be the “G” in G-Unit, and throws in an […]

50 Cent’s Affiliate, Mikey Fingers, Reportedly Arrested For Summer Jam Chain Snatching Incident


G(rab)-Unit The now-infamous Summer Jam incident that featured popular lifestyle brand pioneer Slowbucks getting his chain snatched by a member of 50 Cent‘s camp on stage while Fif and Fabolous performed the “Cuffin’ Season Remix” has spawned several secondary incidents, including a press conference held by Slowbucks’ lawyer, and now, an arrest. Advertisement   According […]

50 Cent Spoofs “Maleficient” On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’


There’s no end to the trolling with this guy. 50 Cent‘s new album, Animal Ambition, was released this past Tuesday and after one absolutely hectic week, that included re-uniting the four original members of his G-Unit clan, releasing two records with them, announcing a new G-Unit album in November, and celebrating the premiere of his […]

Reunion Season, Is It Needed Or Nah?

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Were you actually waiting for a G-Unit reunion? Whether you were or not it happened. It took place at Hot 97’s Summer Jam or you might have caught it via Youtube; you probably didn’t expect Nas’ set to end so quick and him bring out 50 Cent. But that wasn’t even the tip of the […]

50 Cent Confirms A New G-Unit Album For November

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It’s all happening so fast. 5 days ago, 50 Cent couldn’t stand Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and Tony Yayo. Advertisement   At least, that’s what he led us to believe. The filthy rich former Interscope Records rapper, whose new album, Animal Ambition, was just released yesterday, spent most of his press run detailing how his […]

G-Unit Reportedly Working On New Album

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Could this really happen? While there had been rumblings of a Lloyd Banks and/or Young Buck sighting backstage at this past Sunday’s Hot 97 Summer Jam concert, the majority of the tens-of-thousands of people had no idea what was about to happen. Until it did. 50 Cent brought out Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and Tony […]

G-Unit Remixes Drake’s “0-100”, Listen To It Here

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Guess who’s bizzack after just 24 hours It seems that after this G-Unit reunion at Summer Jam that happened less than 72 hours ago, the New York crew has been gearing up to possibly take over the summer. 50 , Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Young Buck  and Kidd Kidd hop on Drake’s “0 to 100” after dropping a […]