Rising Afropop Star Joeboy Closes Out 2020 With New Single “Celebration”

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Music is reaching ears and hearts everywhere around the globe, and this year it seems that fans have been more able than ever to find ways to tap into different musical cultures worldwide. With this in mind, the highly talented Joeboy ends 2020 in style with his new single “Celebration”. Visit for more information […]

Cardi B Heads to Nigeria and Ghana for First Performance in Africa

Cardi Lawsuit

Cardi B recently excited the hip-hop lovers of Africa when she confirmed her journey to the continent’s west coast on Thursday. Visit for more information The Grammy award-winning rapper shared a video where she is seen on a plane swaying and twerking to her collaboration with Nigerian Afrobeats superstar Davido, the remix to his […]

Lil Jon Opens Second School in Ghana

Lil Jon Opens Second School in Ghana

Lil Jon opened a second elementary school in the West African country of Ghana. Visit for more information AOL reports the multi-hyphenate opened his second school in the town of Mafi Atitekpo. The new school, named Mafi Atitekpo DA Primary School, got things started in December 2017 and was formally introduced in July 2018, […]

Floyd Mayweather Sued for $2 Million for Skipping Appearances in Ghana & Nigeria


Zinni Media is accusing Floyd Mayweather of swindling them out of millions of dollars, and they want it back. Visit for more information The Nigerian company booked the champ to make five appearances in Ghana and Nigeria for June 2017 and agreed to pay him $375,000. Floyd even made a promotional video confirming his appearance, […]

Lil Jon Opens and Funds a Second Primary School in Ghana


Last October, it was reported that rapper Lil Jon teamed up with non-profit organization Pencils of Promise (PoP), to build a primary school in Ghana. The kindergarten school dedicated to the Abomayaw community, was completely funded by Lil Jon, and built in hopes of providing a proper and successful learning environment for students. On January 24, CNN reported […]

Lil Jon Opens a Primary School in Ghana That He Completely Funded

Words by Fatima Barrie Visit for more information Jonathan Smith, most popularly known as former Eastside Boyz member and rapper Lil Jon, teamed up with the non-profit organization Pencils of Promise (PoP), to build a primary school in Ghana. Lil Jon began fundraising with PoP earlier this year in January during his birthday dinner, […]

Explosion Erupts at Fuel Depot in Ghana’s Nation Capital

Ghana Explosion

Words by Ime Ekpo Visit for more information This past Saturday, October 7th a large explosion erupted at a Liquefied Natural Gas Station in Ghana’s national capital, Accra in the Atomic Junction area.  The explosion was in the form of a fireball, which blasted into the sky and caused residents of the Atomic Junction […]