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Ghostface Killah Responds To Martin Shkreli Threats

The Wu Tang saga continues, but not without pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli‘s name attached to a controversy with one of the Clan’s most consistent emcees; Ghostface Killah. After numerous back and forth shots fired and threats promised from both sides, it’s evident that we have barely seen the tip of the iceberg of the riff […]

Martin Shkreli Says He Would Smack Ghostface Killah In The Face

It has yet to be established as to whether or not this guy has a deathwish, but pharmaceutical king Martin Shkreli continues to talk smack to Ghostface Killah and his threats to Starks are getting increasingly more shocking. Check out this video from Shkreli’s Breakfast Club interview where the pharma-punk threatens Pretty Toney with physical […]

Martin Shkreli Threatens Ghostface Killah Several Times In Latest Video

“Dennis, I’m going to call you by your government name. You’re not a Ghostface Killah,” says pharmaceutical king and shit starter Martin Shkreli. In the latest shots fired in the online tirade between Wu Tang Clan swordsman Ghostface Killah and Shkreli, the owner of the WTC’s $2 million Once Upon In Shaolin album has been getting […]

Ghostface Killah And Pharma King Martin Shkreli Exchange Internet Insults

Wu Tang swordsman Ghostface Killah and pharma-douche Martin Shkreli have been exchanging words online ever since Ghost made comments about the winner of the $2 million auction, calling Shkreli a “shithead” for his decision to hike the prices of the Daraprim AIDS pills. Shkreli responded by calling Tony Starks a “non-profit rapper”. Yesterday[January 26, 2016], […]

Omarion Links Up With Ghostface Killah For “I Ain’t Even Done”

Omarion‘s MMG-helmed resurgence is well-documented, thanks to his platinum-selling “Post To Be” single, his well-received Sex Playlist album and the return of his high-energy live performances. Riding high off the strength of one of the biggest hits of his career, Maybach O announced a new album, Reasons, set for a release later this year, and […]

Ghostface Killah Confirms ‘DOOM Starks’ Album Will Drop In February

In an interview with, Ghostface Killah speaks on the daily operation of “Pretty Toney”; the development of his new hash oil line, the forthcoming project with QB vet and legendary Juice Crew member Tragedy Khadafi and Wu swordsman Killah Priest titled The Power Of Attraction as well as the production development of the highly […]

Listen To Ghostface Killah x DOOM’s “Lively Hood”

  DOOM collabs are always ingenious, and this Ghostface Killah and DOOM tag team is no exception. DOOMSTARKS have just unleashed their dope new track, “Lively Hood”, and it’s everything we were hoping it would be. It’s lyrical and boasts a dope, gritty instrumental. This one should definitely get fans hyped for the rumored joint […]

Watch Mike Epps Spoof Ghostface Killah Dissing Action Bronson

Check out the hilarious parody of comedian Mike Epps reenacting Ghostface Killah‘s Action Bronson diss. Epps is known for his impersonations of the best of them so it comes to no surprise his Ghost impression is entertaining to say the least. Watch one of the funniest videos of the week above… -Infinite Wiz(@InfiniteWiz)

Ghostface Killah Blasts Action Bronson, Bronson Apologizes

Action Bronson has often been mercilessly compared to the Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah, but there seemed to be no problem between the two rap stars until now. In the video above, Ghostface goes in on Bronson for the comments that he made on ESPN’s SportsNation. After being told by Max Kellerman that he bought his album […]

Action Bronson Implies He Raps Better Than Ghostface Killah

[Ghostface] isn’t rapping like this no more.” Who knows what made Action Bronson make a statement that sounded anything remotely like he was better than Wu swordsman Ghostface Killah, but on his appearance on ESPN‘s Sports Nation, the most visible member of the Queens based Outdoorsmen crew said something really slick with Ghost’s name attached […]

Ghostface Killah’s Top Five Food Metaphors

Today Ghostface Killah turns 45, so pulled some of the best food metaphor quoted by the veteran MC Tony Starks a.k.a Ghostface Killah has a Birthday today, born May 9, 1970. The most visible Wu-Tang Clan member is best known for his lyrical wit and memorable metaphors. From his solo debut Ironman in 1996 […]

Malcolm X’s Top 10 Influences In Hip Hop Music has put together a classic list honoring the legacy and works of the man who made intelligence cool in Hip Hop music Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little also known to many as El-Hajj Malik El Shabazz, was an African-American Muslim minister and human rights activist born in Omaha, Nebraska, on May 19, 1925. He […]

Download a BitTorrent Bundle of BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah Exclusives

One of the most anticipated independent label releases this month, and possibly this year, has to be BBNG and Ghostface’s album, Sour Soul. It will be available on 2/23 via Lex Records. To help promote it, BitTorrent has selected their latest single, “Tone’s Rap,” to be included in a bundle pack that you can download […]