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Ghostface Shows Out In The Lower East Side

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Wu-Block hit the stage for the premier of Vice’s Fightland Ghost was in the building at the DL in the Lower East Side last night and he put on for New York. A number of locals and foreigners came together for cheap beer and quality music, something that brings out the fan in all of […]

Wu-Tang Clan Announce Title To 20th Anniversary Album

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20 years of Wu-Tang  Twenty years or two decades, regardless of how you want to phrase it the Wu-Tang Clan is back. With the anniversary comes the sixth LP from the Wu titled A Better Tomorrow. The title stems from their 10th track on the Wu-Tang Forever album. A Better Tomorrow is expected to be […]

Ghostface Killah & Sheek Louch Go All-American For Their ‘Wu-Block’ Album Artwork

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Wu-Block release their artwork today featuring an All-American album artwork. For you wrestling fans the artwork is somewhat in between Lex Luger and the Ultimate Warrior.  I guess Ghost would be the Ultimate Warrior and Sheek would be Lex Luger. Right? Anyhow the album drops November 13th, go cop that! Advertisement   – Sean Lynch (@Kiddfuture) […]

Wu-Block Announces Tour

Wu-Block is hitting the road this summer as they have just announced their 22-stop tour. You can catch Sheek and Ghostface in a town near you, by checking the dates below. Still no date on when the Wu-Block project will be dropping.  Wednesday 1-Aug Poughkeepsie, NY The Chance Advertisement Thursday 2-Aug Philadelphia, PA Trocadero Friday […]

A History of Hip-Hop’s Sampling Lawsuits

Following Lord Finesse’s lawsuit against Mac Miller, The Source thought it would be appropriate to highlight the lawsuits that have arisen in hip-hop in the past over sampling and copyright infringements. Mac Miller is not alone in the present nor the past, as many of his contemporaries and predecessors have fought the same battle he […]

Rappers Who You Might See Out During Go Skateboarding Day

June 21st may seem like another scorching hot day, but globally, its known to skaters as “Go Skateboarding Day,” which encourages all skateboarders in the world to take up their decks, hit the streets, and skate! Above is a list of 10 rappers who skate, have skated, and/or were influenced by skateboarding. Advertisement To find […]

Ghostface Killah Teams Up With Marvel Comic Artist Michael del Mundo

  Ghostface Killah teams with Marvel Comic Artist Michael del Mundo to release limited edition skate decks. Each deck is signed by Del Mundo. Ghostface Killah explains, “Skateboarding and Hip Hop man, it’s one in the same. Hip Hop is a way of life, it’s our culture. How we walk, dress, talk…how we do things, B…It’s a […]

Watch Episode 1 Of MTV 2’s Hip Hop Squares

MTV 2 kicked off its new series Hip Hop Hollywood Squares last night and in case you missed it we got you covered. From MGK to DJ Khaled across to Mac Miller and Ghostface Killah plenty of good personalities appeared on the show. Check it out! Advertisement    – Sean Lynch (@Kiddfuture)

The Source Presents: The Ghostface Killah Spotify Playlist honors Ghostface Killah with some of our favorite cuts of his. From “2getha Bany,” “Back Like That,” “One” and much much more. Once again happy birthday Ghostface Killah!   – Sean Lynch (@Kiddfuture) Advertisement Stream: The Source Presents: The Ghostface Killah Spotify Playlist

Happy Birthday Ghostface Killah !!! wishes Ghostface Killah a happy 42nd birthday. Born Dennis Coles on May 9, 1970, Ghostface Killah was introduced through the legendary Wu-Tang Clan.He would go on to achieve plenty of solo success with Ironman (1996), Supreme Clientele (2000), Bulletproof Wallets (2001), The Pretty Toney Album (2004), Fishscale (2006), More Fish (2006), The Big Doe Rehab (2007), […]

What If “The Avengers” Were Rappers?

Aside from the requisite cheering for the heroes, admiring of the 3D combat scenes, and praising of Sam Jackson’s ever-lasting gangsta (even in his early days acting as a crackhead, he’s boss), when watching the soon-to-be-declared blockbuster The Avengers (in theaters May 4), a true Hip-Hop head couldn’t help but to imagine what a parallel universe […]

Listen: Sheek Louch, Ghostface Killah, & Styles P – Shrooms

Wu-Block hits us with another record and this time they get Styles P on the track for “Shrooms.” I don’t think I’m the only person out there that would like to see a project out by them sooner rather than later.    Advertisement     -John McAuliffe (@John_Mac310)

Listen: Sheek Louch & Ghostface Killah – Batman

Another track from the Wu-Block duo consisting off Ghostface Killah and Sheek Louch, this one titled ‘Batman’. All of these releases from the two would make one believe there is some sort of project in the works, lets just hope that this is true.    Advertisement     -John McAuliffe (@John_Mac310)

Listen: Sheek Louch & Ghostface Killah – Barry

Sheek Louch and Ghostface Killah link up once again, this time it is over Barry White’s “I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby” sample.   Advertisement     -John McAuliffe (@John_Mac310) 

R.I.P: 15 Collabs We Wish Biggie Had Done

Thinking about the route Hip-Hop has taken since the passing of the Notorious B.I.G. Artists have come and gone in an influx, music styles changed, labels lost their grip and blogs became prominent. decided to take a look at the “What If?” factor. 15 collaborations we would’ve liked to have seen, whether they were […]

Time Out NY’s The 50 Top Rap Lyrics about Food List

  Time Out New York has released a list of their favorite 50 food references in rap music. The list includes the lyrics of Kanye West, Cam’ron, Big Pun, Childish Gambino, Jay Z, Ghostface Killah, Fat Boys, Diddy, and more. Check out the list HERE Big Pun’s “Banned From TV” is number 22 on their […]