Cardi B Defends Female Rappers Using Ghostwriters Amid ‘Act Up’ Controversy

Cardi B Defends Female Rappers Using Ghostwriters Amid 'Act Up' Controversy

There’s a surge of female rappers rising from different parts of the world, and some controversy has emerged with it including ghostwriting. Visit for more information Ghostwriting has always been shamed in Hip Hop, with the exception of female rappers, but it is normalized in the millennial Hip Hop game. Ghostwriters became a hot […]

Lupe Fiasco Claims Record Label Wanted Him to Use Ghostwriters

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco is one of the most renown lyricists in the game. His reputation as a top tier MC has been set in stone since he debuted in 2006. With his skills, lyricism is the last thing in the world that you would think Lupe would need help creating. Visit for more information Lupe […]

Kanye West Admits to Using Ghostwriters

kanye west t

For those Yeezy fans who may have thought different, it’s true. Kanye West does NOT write all of his rhymes. Visit for more information Among all of the other controversial tweets that Ye sent out this week, one that may have slipped under the radar was the one where the Chi-Town emcee admitted that […]

Did MGK Write ‘Rap Devil’ Or Did He Have A Ghostwriter For His Eminem Diss Track?

eminem machine gun kelly killshot diss track

In several unnamed and inconspicuous Hip-Hop circles, it has apparently come to the surface that Machine Gun Kelly is not the author of his vicious lyrical attack against rap veteran Eminem entitled “Rap Devil”. Visit for more information In a side-by-side compare and contrast image of “Rap Devil” by MGK and “Killshot” by Eminem […]

The Joe Budden Podcast Discuss Lauryn Hill Writing Rumors

The hugely popular Joe Budden Podcast with Mal and Rory recently discussed the unpopular opinion/rumor that Lauryn Hill may not have fully credited the appropriate people on her debut smash solo studio album in 1998. Her now 1.5 x Diamond selling album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill featuring Carlos Santana, Mary J. Blige and D’Angelo […]