How Big is Google?

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More than just a search engine. Many of us use Google services each day but very few of us ask the question, “How BIG is Google?” Obviously this question cannot be answered directly, however, the sheer size of Google can be realised by the hard facts and figures shown in this short film. In this […]

Samsung Working on Smart Glasses To Be Released Before Google’s

With the impending release of the extremely hyped Google Glass, Samsung is looking to corner the market of eager tech enthusiasts who want to get their hands on the futuristic equipment early. Samsung has reportedly been working on the yet-to-be-named smart glasses since last May, which are rumored to debut this September at IFA in […]

Google Developing “Smart Contact Lens”

Before you get all excited and start to dump your next few months paychecks into your savings account — no, Google‘s “Smart Contact Lens” will not give you the ability to see through walls or shoot lasers from your eyes . While the Smart Contact Lenses are not a direct successor to the Google Glass, […]

Google’s New Eyewear Project

Google recently released its information on their new project, “Project Glass.” This new type of technology is Google’s attempt into wearable technology and the break into the barrier of augmented reality. These glasses seem to look sleek but also look pretty bulky on your face if you’re going to be walking around with them all […]