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DJ Poizon Ivy Talks Being the First Black Female DJ in NBA League History

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There have been many female DJs that have come before DJ Poizon Ivy, and there are so many more female DJs that will come after her yet will never quite attain the particular level of success DJ Poizon Ivy has reached throughout the duration of her ongoing career. Visit for more information When it […]

Grace Jones Biopic Slated To Be Released This Year

Grace Jones

Being that today is her birthday, it’s only right to announce that a biopic on the one and only Grace Jones is slated to drop some time this year. Visit for more information Titled Grace Jones – The Musical of My Life, the project serves as the first feature film on the personal and […]

What To Look Forward To At This Years FYF Fest


Recently, the popularity of American music festivals has grown exponentially. Over the past six summers, star studded line ups that would rival ’69 Woodstock have surfaced bringing forth some of the most unimaginable concert experiences ever. Bands that called it quits decades ago have come together in reunion. Titans across genres have performed side by side. Legends […]

Grace Jones To Headline Afropunk London In Replacement Of M.I.A.


After all the controversy over artist M.I.A. being taken off as the headlining performer for Afropunk London, it looks like the festival will be adding an epic new performer to the line-up. Visit for more information No stranger to the Afropunk festival, legendary model and artist Grace Jones has been chosen to headline the London […]