Art Official Feature: DONDI CIA

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As Hip Hop celebrates its 50th anniversary, all four of the culture’s pillars have celebrated their contributions, but graffiti has received the least fanfare, even though graffiti art is older than all of the other aspects of Hip Hop. Some graffiti purists disregard graff as a part of Hip Hop culture, but more of an […]

2023’s ‘Music at the Intersection’: A Hip-Hop Time Capsule Unearthed

DJ GrandMaster Flash

St. Louis Culture: Where Graffiti Meets Groove, Breakdancing Blends with Jazz, and Deejaying Dances with Humanity Visit for more information In a resounding celebration of music’s timeless power, the vibrant city of St. Louis recently served as the epicenter of musical ecstasy during the 2023 edition of Music at the Intersection. Nestled in the […]

[WATCH] Check Out The ‘Can’t Be Stopped’ Graffiti Documetary Feat. Everlast

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Regime Films is gearing up to drop their Can’t Be Stopped documentary about the world famous CBS Crew, a follow-up to the critically acclaimed Netflix documentary Saving Banksy. Visit for more information Can’t Be Stopped is a rare look inside the legendary Los Angeles graffiti crew CBS and their contributions to not only the […]

NYC Graffiti Pioneer NIC 707 OTB Dies From Coronavirus

The entire graffiti world is mourning the loss of one of its great pioneers who lost his life this morning to complications from the novel coronavirus. Visit for more information NIC 707 OTB, one of the original writers to bomb the NYC subways in the early 70s, passed away today(April 13) after contracting the […]

Happy 50th Birthday to Graffiti Living Legend CES!

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On this date a half-century ago, Bronx graff legend CES was born. Visit for more information Born Robert Michael Provenzano in 1970 in NYC, CES(FC, FX, FBA) is a pioneering artist of the “Wild Style” formation of letters seen in graffiti art around the world. CES began his career on the subway cars and […]

NYC Graffiti Artist Matthew “ZEXOR” Rodriguez Dead At 29

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The New York City graff community and beyond is mourning the loss of Matthew “ZEXOR” Rodriguez, who passed away Thursday (Dec. 12) in New York. He was 29 years old. Visit for more information As the son of Brooklyn graffiti legend ASP WTO, Rodriguez was a second generation writer who continued in his father’s […]

Museum Of Graffiti Opens Its Doors TOMORROW In Wynwood During Art Basel

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After years of trying to fit in the bourgeois art galleries around the world, graffiti finally has a place of its own to call home. Visit for more information Since the advent of “wall writing” in the late 60s and early 70s, graff has always been recognized as an illegal art form, chalked up […]