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Tracy Chapman Refused To Clear Song For Nicki Minaj/Nas Track

nicki minaj tracy chapman

Tracy Chapman is being accused of “hit blocking” by Nicki Minaj and the Barbs are definitely not happy about this one. Visit for more information Nicki Minaj was originally set to drop her Queen album on August 10th, but its release was delayed because of the clearance issue with Chapman’s “Baby Can I Hold […]

John Legend Addresses Kanye West And Leaked Texts On Ebro in the Morning

kanye west john legend

This morning, John Legend called into Ebro in the Morning to address Kanye West and give his thoughts the rapper and friend leaking his text message without permission, along with his recent comments on Twitter as he aligns himself alongside President Donald Trump on Hot 97. Visit for more information When Ebro asked how […]

Happy Birthday To The Legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff!


On this date in 1965, Jeffrey Townes, better known to Hip Hop and television fans as “Jazzy Jeff” was born in the City of Brother Love and has become one of the best to ever place their hands on a pair of Technics 1200s. Visit for more information Originally known as the DJ for […]

Will Smith: I May Be Forced To Run For President

will smith

From what the Hip Hop icon/actor/producer said in an interview with CBS, Will Smith may run for president. Visit for more information In the Sunday Morning interview with correspondent Tracy Smith, the Concussion star says that with all of the posturing in the 2016 Presidential race, he may have to try his hand at […]