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Is Tupac’s Estate Now In Good Hands?


After Afeni Shakur’s sudden and unexpected death on Monday night [May 2, 2016] there has been an increase in concern about Tupac’s estate. Before Afeni’s death she was the principle decision maker on behalf of her late son’s estate. One major cause of concern is due to the fact Afeni had just filed for divorce […]

Afeni Shakur Is Getting Divorced With No Prenup; Husband Wants $10K A Month

It looks like Tupac Shakur‘s mom is getting divorced, and with no prenup, it’s going be a sticky situation. Visit for more information After a twelve-year marriage to Gust Davis and a year of separation, the late rapper’s mother has filed for divorce. In North Carolina, Afeni Shakur’s state of filing, property is divided on […]