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Former GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain Dies From Coronavirus

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After a month-long battle with the novel coronavirus, former GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain has died. Cain was hospitalized on July 1 with COVID-19 and it was announced on Thursday that disease ultimately took the 74-year-old’s life. Cain’s health status was often updated on his Twitter account with good and bad news posted as his […]

Former GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain Says “Trump is Not Racist”


In a recent interview with FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, Herman Cain spoke on the increasing number of protests against Republican front-runner Donald Trumps’ potential 2016 nomination. “Let me get this straight, Anonymous and Black Lives Matter want to determine the Republican nominee? I don’t think so; especially if it is Donald Trump. Secondly, he hasn’t sown […]