Grailed’s ‘Heatwave’ Drop This Week is Full of Resort-Themed Rares

grailed heatwave drop

Much like its rare BAPE sale last week, online retailer Grailed is back for another Thursday drop in the brand’s “Heatwave” series — a weekly opportunity for fans to cop all the super rare items they thought would never see the light of day again. Visit for more information Advertisement For Week 6, the […]

Style Sector: Hermès Unveils Travel Accessories

Hermès Cityback Cityslide

Hermès unveils their new modern travel pack featuring a backpack and ergonomic shoulder strap. The bags are soft leather with a comfortable strap adapting perfectly to the body. The pieces are available in different colors and sizes retailing for $5,100 USD and $2,900 USD. Visit for more information Advertisement

Hermes Birkin Bag Is Better Investment Than Gold Or Stocks


Hermès Berkin handbags are reportedly a better investment than gold. Visit for more information Can a purse be more valuable than gold? Well after a 35-year study, the company Baghunter found that Hermès Birkin handbags “Birkin Bags” have increased in value year after year. The handbag has offered an average annual value increase of 14.2 […]