Hotline Bling

Is An Official Remix With Drake And Adele Actually On Its Way?

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As we reported last week, Adele has vocalized her desire to do an official Drake remix. Now the thought’s been put into the universe, is there a chance a remix is actually on its way? Drake doesn’t hate the idea. While at a Raptors game in Toronto, Drake finally responded to the notion, telling etalk, […]

Adele Wants In On An Official “Hotling Bling” Remix

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Drake’s “Hotline Bling” is being remixed left and right, as well as inspiring artists like Erykah Badu to try their hand at making the track their own. Adele is the latest musician to catch Drake fever, sharing in an interview with etalk’s Danielle Graham that she would love to do an official remix of “Hotline Bling.” […]

A Church in Atlanta Made Gospel Remixes To “Big Rings” & “Hotline Bling”

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Church has never been this lit The Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church in Atlanta incorporated popular songs like “Big Rings” and “Hotline Bling” into their Sunday services, in an attempt to “target un-churched people”, says pastor Will Gravely. He also told Complex: Our pastor received a book a long time ago—The Purpose Driven Church—and what it […]

Erykah Badu Releases “Phone Down” Off Forthcoming Mixtape


A sonic dedication to Drake, Erykah Badu has “leaked” a new track from her forthcoming mixtape, But You Cain’t Use My Phone. Badu shared an exclusive preview of the track last week via a live broadcast on Periscope. The track is now available in its proper form courtesy of Apple Music, with Badu sharing, “This […]

Ellen Drops Video of a Bernie Sanders “Hotline Bling” Remix


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has emerged over the last few months as the only real threat to dethrone Hillary Clinton as the Democratic favorite that will challenge Ben Carson, or Donald Trump, or Jeb Bush a year from now for the Oval Office, and while Hillary spends her days defending her private e-mail server […]

Watch Drake’s New Video For “Hotline Bling”


2015 has been another year that Drake has dominated the Hip-Hop world. From releasing his critically acclaimed and commercially successful retail mixtape “If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late” to his thorough vanquishing of friend turned foe Meek Mill in a short lived battle, Drizzy has been racking up the W’s. This past summer, after […]