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House Of Representatives Votes To Send Impeachment Articles To The Senate and Introduces Impeachment Managers

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After voting to impeach President Donald Trump on two counts last December, The House of Representatives voted Wednesday, Jan. 15th to finally send the articles of impeachment to the Senate without knowing the details of their process. The president was impeached because of questionable conversation with Ukraine’s president, where he asked the foreign body to gather information on […]

Why Auntie Maxine Waters Has Wall Street Shaking in Their Balenciaga Boots

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Ask any young person you know about Blacks in politics on the national level and you will be hard pressed to find a long list of names. Of course, you will hear President Barack Obama. You might even hear Stacey Abrams on account of her recent campaign or Corey Booker because of his courageous opposition […]

House Passes Bill to Help Stop the International Flow of Opioids Through USPS

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Last week, The House approved a measure to overhaul the international mailing system in an effort to shed the U.S. Postal Service’s reputation as an unwitting drug courier and reduce its role in the nation’s opioid crisis. Many lawmakers and stakeholders have for years pushed the reform, which would require USPS to receive “advanced electronic […]

House Of Representatives Pass Bill To Remove “Negro” Label From Federal Regulations, Trump Opposes Bill


A voice vote in the U.S. House of Representative on Tuesday approved a bill to remove antiquated racial labels in two federal regulations, according to media reports. “Words definitely matter. They can cause great harm and division, particularly when they are embedded in federal statute,” New York Democratic Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, who authored the bill, […]

#NoBillNoBreak: Is This The Breaking Point of The Gun Control Debate?

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“If we’re breaking one rule, we might as well break a lot of them.” According to Representative Emanuel Cleaver, these were the words uttered by Congressman John Lewis just moments after House Speaker Paul Ryan adjourned the House of Representatives and shut down it’s live feed to C-Span, cutting the public off from the unusual […]