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Happy Birthday To The Late, Great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Visit for more information Born January 15, 1929, Civil Rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would’ve turned 91 Years old today; as we celebrate the day of his birth almost 47 years after he was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. Born to Martin Luther King, Sr. and […]

Barack Obama To Deliver 16th Annual Nelson Mandela Lecture

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Barack Obama is set to make a rare speech in South Africa marking the legacy of anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela. Visit for more information The speech is timed to celebrate the 100th birthday of the late global human rights icon. The former US president will call on young people around the world to work […]

ICYMI: Heineken Gets Right What Pepsi Got Wrong in New Ad


Following Pepsi’s recent blunder with their controversial protest ad featuring Kendall Jenner, it’d be safe to assume that brands would be on the side of treading lightly on contentoius topics of discussion. Visit for more information However, it looks Heineken has no plans of doing anything of the sorts after unveiling their most recent […]

Obama Administration to Deliver Guidance to Schools on Transgender Restroom Use


The Obama administration is set to issue guidance today [Friday, May 13, 2015] directing public schools and public colleges and universities to allow transgender students to use bathrooms matching the gender with which they identify. Visit for more information It is in a joint letter from both the Departments of Education and Justice that will be delivered […]

Caribbean Countries Seek Reparations From Europe

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First African Americans, now Afro-Caribbeans demand reparations for the treatment their ancestors suffered during the time of slavery. The ongoing poverty in the majority of the Caribbean and the concentration of resources, opportunity, and education to a small privileged few helped fuel the campaign for reparations in the Caribbean. Visit for more information Reparations […]

Jada Pinkett Smith Questions Hillary Clinton’s Run For POTUS In An Open Letter


Jada Pinkett Smith is asking if we are jumping the gun for Clinton because she’s a woman? Visit for more information Actress and philanthropist Jada Pinkett Smith has been known for her very outspoken and firm stance on issues that affect women and Blacks. With the recent announcement of Hillary Clinton‘s run for office, […]