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Akron Teen Beaten to Death Near I Promise School Founded by LeBron James

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Ethan Liming, a 17-year-old male, was beaten to death last Thursday night near the basketball courts of the I Promise School founded by LeBron James in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information According to the Akron Beacon Journal, Liming was found near 11 p.m. in a parking lot located next to […]

LeBron James’ ‘I Promise’ School Strikes Production Deal

Petition Calls For LeBron James to Replace Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education

Words by: Symone Daniels Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information You can’t mention the word GOAT without thinking about LeBron James.  Not only has he dominated the basketball court, over the years we have witnessed him use his voice to speak up against unjust shootings, transcend over into television, and pour back into the community. The […]

LeBron James’ ‘I Promise’ School vs. Donald Trump’s ‘Trump University’

LeBron James Sits Down with CNN to Talk I Promise School, Trump, Race, and more

President Trump unsurprisingly responded to an interview LeBron James did with CNN’s Don Lemon where the NBA star bashed Trump for using sports to divide America. Trump did not address the content of the interview, but instead just threw shots at Lemon and James as has become customary for the President. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more […]

Melania Trump Praises LeBron James After Donald Trump Disses him

Video Footage Shows Melania Trump Avoiding Donald Trump's Hand

First Lady, Melania Trump, seems to be an overall pleasant person when her husband isn’t trying to reach for her hand while they’re out in public. She is undeniably one of the most fashionable First Ladies, however, her presence is still a mystery. One thing we know for certain is that she’s not here for […]