Ice Cream

Texas Man Arrested After Licking Ice Cream in Grocery Store

D’Adrien Anderson is now in jail following a video he posted of himself licking a carton of ice cream in Walmart and putting it back on the shelf, CNN reports. The trend began after a video went viral of a 17-year-old licking Blue Bell ice cream and putting in back, in July 2019. Like Anderson, […]

Ben & Jerry’s Declares Support of Black Lives Matter

Ben & Jerry’s has always found themselves as a brand who uses their prominent platform to both weigh in and take stances on some of our nation’s most controversial social issues. The Vermont-based creamery recently made waves after releasing a statement online on Thursday [October 6, 2016] in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, […]

The Hype Surrounding Gucci Mane Isn’t Disappearing Just Yet

On July 22, Gucci Mane dropped his highly anticipated new album, Everybody Looking. This is the first body of work we’ve received from Gucci since his return home from prison. An obvious cause for celebration for the A-list filled album, Spotify recently jumped on board and gave Gucci his very own ice cream trucks. An […]