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Ice Cube Suing Robinhood for Using His Image in a Newsletter

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Ice Cube is suing Robinhood for using his image in one of their recent newsletters. According to documents obtained by Bloomberg Law, the rapper and actor wasted no time in filing a suit against the mobile stock market app for making use of a still photo from his Are We Done Yet? film in of […]

Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Too $hort, E-40 to Make Super Group Debut at Triller PPV

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Triller’s 2021 Fight Club event is set to go down on April 17 and will be the debut of Hip-Hop’s newest supergroup, Mt. Westmore. Visit for more information The supergroup is composed of iconic West Coast rap figures Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Too $hort, and E-40. Also joining Mt. Westmore on the Pay-Per-View event […]

Ice Cube Says Warner Bros Won’t Make More ‘Friday’ Sequels

Ice Cube Responds to Critics of Trump's Platinum Plan: 'Dems Said We’ll Address the CWBA After the Election'

Fans of the Friday franchise have been patiently waiting for the release of the next installment, Last Friday. The last installment in the franchise was greenlit in 2017, however, the future of the movie remains uncertain after the deaths of John Witherspoon and Tommy Lister. Ice Cube took aim at Warner Bros. on Twitter, claiming […]

Ice Cube Announces Fryday Kush

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Ice Cube is the latest rapper to enter the marijuana industry. The iconic rapper has announced the launch of his cannabis line Fryday Kush, which is inspired by his classic film franchise Friday. Visit for more information “Fryday Kush is made with that good stuff,” Cube announced on Instagram. “It’s 46.2% THC and 10.78% […]

Ice Cube To Meet With President Biden To Discuss “Contract With Black America”

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in an interview with Ryan Cameron’s Uncensored radio show on Majic ATL, actor, director and West Cost Hip Hop pioneer Ice Cube announced on Wednesday that he plans on sittiong down with newly-elected President Biden about his 2020 election topic, the “Contract With Black America.” Visit for more information Cube, whose real name is O’Shea Jackson, […]

Today in Hip-Hop History: John Singleton’s ‘Higher Learning’ Released in Theaters 26 Years Ago

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On this date in 1995, the John Singleton-directed movie Higher Learning debuted in theaters across America courtesy of Sony/Columba Pictures. Visit for more information Starring Ice Cube, Tyra Banks, Omar Epps and Michael Rapaport, Higher Learning follows three college freshman from totally different backgrounds and show how they co-exist, in peace and in war, […]

[WATCH] Too Short Says He Formed Group With Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg And E-40

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In an exclusive interview with MC Serch on his Serch Says podcast, Oakland rap legend Too Short claims he’s formed a supergroup with Snoop Dogg, E-40, and Ice Cube. Visit for more information Short Dog says that the idea came fro mE-40 and Cube, explaining, “Over the years, probably more than the past five […]

Ice Cube Explains His Social Media Break Following 2020 Presidential Election

Ice Cube Explains His Social Media Break Following 2020 Presidential Election

Ice Cube received backlash after meeting with Donald Trump about his Contract With Black America. The Hip Hop legend took a hiatus following the commotion and posted a video on Monday explaining his silence, and reassured that he hasn’t abandoned his political agenda. Visit for more information “I know a lot people been wondering […]

First Kanye, 50 Cent And Now Lil Wayne: We Need Our Men Today

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First it was Kanye, then 50 Cent and now Lil Wayne standing beside arguably— one of the most controversial presidents of our lifetime. Visit for more information At this very moment, the United States is struggling to find compassion. Today is the day to vote for the things that really made America great. The […]

Congressional Black Caucus Says Trump Denied to Meet With Them About Plan Similar to ‘Platinum Plan’ Ice Cube Assisted With

Donald Trump Confirms He's Not Attending Joe Biden's Inauguration

Ice Cube is famously known as one of the founding members of the rap group, NWA, and brought you films like Friday and The Barbershop which became staples in the Black community. Visit for more information Which is why many of his fans were hurt when Donald Trump’s advisor thanked the rapper/actor for helping […]

Ice Cube Says He’s Banned From CNN After They Cancelled His Interview

Ice Cube Explains His Social Media Break Following 2020 Presidential Election

According to a recent tweet from Ice Cube, his interview with Chris Cuomo was cancelled and claims the network had already banned him from their platform and he doesn’t understand why they even inquired about an interview in the first place. Visit for more information After clarifying once again that he is totally non-partisan […]

2016 Ice Cube Tweet Saying He’d Never Endorse Donald Trump Resurfaces

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Following all of the controversy swirling around Ice Cube and his reported assistance in creating President Trump’s four-year “Platinum Plan,” an old tweet from 2016 where Cube says that he’s never endorse Donald Trump has come back to haunt him. Visit for more information Cube vehemently denies being partial to neither the Democrats nor […]

Trump Administration Thanks Ice Cube for Assisting Develop ‘The Platinum Plan’

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In a now-viral tweet, Trump campaign senior advisor Katrina Pierson thanked Hip Hop icon Ice Cube for assisting in helping President Trump develop “The Platinum Plan,” which reportedly includes a $500 billion package for the Black community from the Republicans. Visit for more information On Sunday, Cube released a video revealing that he has […]

Ice Cube Reveals Joe Biden and Donald Trump Reached Out to Him About His ‘Contract With Black America’

Ice Cube Responds to Critics of Trump's Platinum Plan: 'Dems Said We’ll Address the CWBA After the Election'

Ice Cube has been promoting his Contract With Black America ahead of the upcoming Presidential election. Visit for more information The contract serves as a “blueprint to achieve racial economic justice.” The Hip Hop legend revealed during a conversation with TMZ Live that both candidates have been in contact with him to outline his […]