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Illinois Man Kills Partner and Himself After Suspecting They Had Coronavirus

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An Illinois couple was found dead on Thursday after 54-year-old Patrick Jesernik killed himself and his partner, Cheryl Schriefer, 59, after suspecting that the two had the coronavirus. The couple had gotten tested just two days prior to their death but never got to see their results, the results came back negative. Visit for […]

Planned Parenthood Secretly Built ‘Mega-Clinic’ in Illinois to Treat Thousands of Women in Nearby Cities That Banned Abortions

PlannedParenthoodSecretlyBuilt'Mega Clinic'inIllinoistoTreatThousandsofWomeninNearbyCitiesThatBannedAbortions

Planned Parenthood is set to open a mega clinic in Illinois to offer reproductive health services to tens of thousands of women in nearby cities. Visit for more information When the clinic opens later this month, at least 11,000 women are expected to be treated there. The 18,000 square-foot institution in Fairview Heights, which […]

Illinois Becomes First State to Require ‘Reliability Hearings’ for Jailhouse Informants

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Illinois just passed the nation’s strongest bill to prevent wrongful convictions based on false jailhouse informant testimony. Visit for more information Illinois will be the first state in the country to require judges to hold pre-trial reliability hearings before jailhouse informant witness testimony is admissible in murder, sexual assault, and arson cases. Jailhouse informants […]

Do You Suffer From Resting Kanye Face?


Do you suffer from “Resting Kanye Face”? Visit for more information According to a Goodwill employee newsletter, those who do may not be seen by others as unapproachable. Kanye West not approachable? Blasphemy. The Goodwill is using Kanye’s resting face in a newsletter ironically entitled “Good Beat” as an example of how their employees […]

Happy Birthday To Civil Rights Icon Emmett Till

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74 years ago today, Emmett Louis Till was born in Chicago, Illinois Visit for more information Civil rights icon Emmett Till, a Black 14-year-old that was brutally murdered in Mississippi in 1955, would have turned 74 today. As retaliation for allegedly flirting with a white woman, the woman’s husband and his half-brother were acquitted […]

Jesse Jackson Jr. Dismissed From Federal Prison For Halfway Home

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Jesse Jackson Jr. will be released from the Alabama minimum security facility he is currently serving time in for a halfway home in Washington D.C. Visit for more information After being convicted of illegally spending $750,000 in campaign funds and serving a year and a half in prison, former U.S Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. […]