Kevin Gates Could Possibly be Released From Jail Next Month

Kevin Gates Could Possibly be Released From Jail Next Month

In October 2016, Kevin Gates was found guilty of misdemeanor battery for kicking a concert goer in the chest during a 2015 Florida performance. Despite vindicating his honor with self defense claims explaining the fan continued to tug at his shorts and private area even after he repeatedly told her to stop, Gates was still […]

Dreka Gates Releases ‘By Any Means 2’ on Kevin Gates Behalf

Kevin Gates By Any Means  Cover

Although Gates is behind bars it hasn’t stopped him from providing his fans with consistent new releases to keep him top of mind and tip of tongue during his prison stint. Since being incarcerated in October, Gates and his team have managed to release a new song titled ‘What If’ and later finally releasing the […]

Best Hip Hop Moments in #BHM: Kevin Gates is Born

kevin gates

In honor of Black History Month, each day here at The Source we’ll be chronicling many of the best moments pertaining to Hip Hop that occurred during the meaningful month of February – celebrating the birthdays of now-legendary MCs; highlighting the most impactful album and single releases; even reminiscing on the most obscure, yet culturally-significant […]

Kevin Gates Keeps His Priorities Straight in “2 Phones”

kevin gates

Careful not to mix business with pleasure, Kevin Gates avoids crossing his wires in the strategically-implemented video for “2 Phones,” the latest single from his upcoming major label debut Islah, available on January 29. While it’s been suggested that two monologues do not make a dialogue, the Breadwinners Association CEO employs a tried and tested […]