IT Chapter 2

The Final Trailer for ‘IT: Chapter 2’ Is Horrifyingly-Good

it chapter  final trailer

Warner Bros. has finally dropped the last trailer for its upcoming horror film IT: Chapter 2, and here’s a quick warning: you might want to turn on the lights in your crib before pressing play! Visit for more information View this post on Instagram A post shared by IT Chapter Two (@itmovieofficial) on Jul […]

Old Spice Actor Isaiah Mustafa Lands a Major Role In ‘It: Chapter 2’

Isaiah Mustafa, best known as the Old Spice Guy, has signed on to play the adult version of Mike Hanlon in It: Chapter 2. Visit for more information Mustafa joins a cast that includes Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader, and Jay Ryan, who are set to play Beverly, Bill, Richie, and Ben, respectively, in […]