DMX Receives 2019 Jail Release Date


DMX will be hitting the bricks in 2019. Famed rapper Earl Simmons Jr. has received a January 27th release date from Gilmer Federal Correctional Institution, according to TMZ. His lawyer Murray Richman has revealed the release date for X’s 2017 tax evasion charge. According to calculations, that’s exactly one month from the date of this […]

Chris Brown Sent $10,000 to Imprisoned Kodak Black

Reports came out recently that jailed South Florida rapper Kodak Black was sent to solitary confinement, because of an unauthorized 3-way call. Kodak was released from solitary on Monday, and came out with a message for his fans. A tweet came out from the “Tunnel Vision” rapper’s Twitter account that another musical artist put some […]

Rapper DMX Heads Back to Jail After Failing Drug Tests

Rapper DMX has found himself in some more trouble with the law. While awaiting sentencing in March for not paying $1.7 million in federal taxes, Earl Simmons was locked up on Tuesday for failing a drug test. He tested positive for cocaine, and opiates including oxycodone which is a violation of his probation stated Manhattan […]

XXXTentacion Jailed After Facing Seven New Felony Charges

XXXtentacion Jailed After Facing Seven New Felony Charges

XXXTentacion went straight to jail this morning after facing seven new felony charges, stemming from 2016 domestic violence case. TMZ reports the charges XXX are facing include different degrees of witness tampering and harassment. Prosecutors believe that he threatened his ex-girlfriend who he allegedly beat. He’s currently facing battery charges against a pregnant woman, along […]

Jay Z Hits The Book To Protest Meek Getting Time

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Today, Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill got booked for a 2 -4 year bid for violating his probation. While some are saying the sentencing was too harsh, others look to his reckless regard for the law as grounds for his current situation. Last Spring, Nicki Minaj’s old bae caught an assault charge and earlier this fall […]

Meek Mill Sentenced Up to 4 Years in Jail for Probation Violation

Meek Mill went to court prepared for the worst but still hoping for the best. But the judge didn’t go easy on him this time. The Philly emcee was sentenced to two to four years in prison for violating his probation in a nearly decade old drug and weapon case. Common Pleas Judge Genece Brinkley […]

Transgenders Banned From Using Public Bathrooms Of Choice In Alabama


After retail chain Target announced allowing transgender employees and customers to use any restroom of their choice this week, Oxford City Council in Alabama passed an ordinance against such an allowance. Transgender people in Oxford will now be vulnerable to facing six months in jail if they use the restroom opposite of their birth/biological sex. […]

‘Saved By The Bell’ Star Begins Jail Sentence


Last night, Saved By The Bell actor Dustin Diamond turned himself in to complete a 120 day jail sentence he received for concealed weapon and disorderly conduct charges when he got into an altercation in a Wisconsin bar and another bar patron ended up stabbed. 39 year old Diamond, who plays the nerdy sidekick “Screech” […]

Mother of “Affluenza” Teen Released on Bail

The mother of Ethan Couch, an “affluenza” teen, has been released from a Texas jail, according to The Washington Post. Tonya Couch was released from Tarrant County Jail on bail after her bond dramatically went from $1 million to $75,000 today [Tuesday, January 12 2016]. Couch, along with Ethan, was captured in the Mexican resort […]

Powerball Winner’s Fiancee Arrested…For A Third Time

Marie Holmes

The North Carolina mother who won the  $188 million Powerball ($88 million after taxes) has bailed out her fiancee, who just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Marie Holmes was praised for winning the Powerball, considering that she was a single mother struggling to raise her children, one of whom is a special needs child. […]

Cop Denied Bond in Killing of Walter Scott

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A Judge has denied bond for the officer accused of shooting and killing an unarmed African American man. Ex South Carolina cop, Michael Slanger was denied bond in the April shooting death of Walter Scott. After the shooting of Scott, Slanger  told investigators that Scott had tried to take his taser off while doing a […]

Woman Wearing Shirt That Says ‘I Love Crystal Meth’ Arrested for Meth

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No, it didn’t happen in Florida.  (Surprise!) Why this shirt is even in production, let alone in someone’s wardrobe, beats us.  But 37 year old Deborah Delane Asher of Kentucky owns such a shirt–and she was wearing it when she was busted for trafficking in a controlled substance and possession of methamphetamine. Laurel County police released […]