Jennifer Hough

[WATCH] Jennifer Hough Recalls Being Attacked By Nicki Minaj’s Husband On ‘The Real’, Accuses The Couple Of Harassment

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In a tearful episode of The Real‘s, Jennifer Hough, the alleged victim in the sexual assault case against Nicki Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Perry, gave a harrowing recollection of the attack that led to Perry’s attempted rape conviction. Visit for more information As it was the first time Hough ever spoke out publicly about the […]

Nicki Minaj And Husband Sued By 1995 Attempted Rape Victim

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According to a report from TMZ, Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Perry are being sued by the victim in Perry’s 1995 attempted rape case who is now claiming that Minaj tried to bribe her to change her story. Visit for more information Jennifer Hough, the victim in the case, alleges that the Queens […]