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[WATCH] Jerry Springer Appears To Leave Estate to Two Secret Biracial Kids

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Jerry Springer’s death shocked the world, unveiling his battle with cancer, but now a video of Springer reading his will is going viral. Visit for more information Twitter user Marc Isenberg shared a video which was captioned, “The best Jerry Springer episode ever is Jerry reading his own will[.] He had 2 black children […]

TV Icon Jerry Springer Dead at 79

Jerry Springer Makes Return to TV on Court Series, 'Judge Jerry'

Jerry Springer has died at age 79. In a statement to TMZ, a family spokesperson stated Springer was battling a “brief illness” leading to his death. Visit for more information A source disclosed to TMZ he died from cancer, which was recently diagnosed, taking a turn this week leading to his death. Springer died […]

Jerry Springer Turns From Outrageous Talk Show Antics For A Courtroom Show

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Jerry. Jerry. Jerry. For 4,000, episodes Jerry Springer has been the King of Daytime Talk. Sure there is Maury… but he is more like “The Duke”. And more recently, Mike Strahan has edged up here with his success with Good Morning America… and maybe he is more funny, grown up and definitely mainstream America than […]

Jerry Springer Makes Return to TV on Court Series, ‘Judge Jerry’

Jerry Springer Makes Return to TV on Court Series, 'Judge Jerry'

The Jerry Springer show ended its nearly three-decade run on July 2018. However, the host’s career is far from over. Visit for more information Variety reports that Springer will star on Judge Jerry, which is slated to premiere in Fall 2019 and will tape in front of a live audience. “Judge Jerry will merge […]