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I Can’t Breathe – Another Lynching in Broad Daylight


‘I can’t breathe – The murder of George Floyd was a lynching in broad daylight.’ The signs say, Black Lives Matter. Yet the very people who are supposed to protect us too often, in too many places, don’t seem to agree. By Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr.President and Founder – Rainbow PUSH Coalition Three police officers stood […]

As Obama Departs, We Owe Him Our Thanks


BY JESSE JACKSON The final days of the Obama presidency are upon us. His popularity is rising with the economy, and with the increasingly stark contrasts to his successor. It is worth being clear about the legacy that he leaves behind. Obama came to office facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. The […]

Jessie Jackson’s Weekly Commentary

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by Jesse Jackson Sexual boasting, emails, tax returns, deplorables — the second presidential debate Sunday featured insults wrapped up in put-downs. This debate was held within miles of Ferguson, Mo., but it was never mentioned. The citizens who offered questions asked about issues — health care, the Supreme Court, energy. The moderators peddled scandals — and elicited […]

Jesse Jackson Pens Letter on Situation in Baltimore in Chicago Sun-Times

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Over the past few days, riots have erupted in Baltimore, Maryland following the funeral for Freddie Gray, the 25-year old man who mysteriously died after being injured while in police custody. The conversation has shifted from the fact that a perfectly healthy man somehow ended up with a cracked spine and several injuries referred to […]