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[Exclusive] Stephan James Talks Playing Jesse Owens in “RACE”

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Most people today have probably heard the name Jesse Owens, but not many know his story. Visit for more information RACE, coming out February 19, is a film that tells the true story of Owens’ journey from being a small town track star with a family to support to an Olympic gold medalist and piece […]

Stephen Hopkins, Director of ‘RACE,’ Speaks on Jesse Owens’ Influence on Him

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Visit for more information On February 19, Race, a Jesse Owens biopic, will be released to theaters nationwide starring Stephen James, Jason Sudeikis, Jeremy Irons and more. The movie, directed by Stephen Hopkins, will cover Jesse Owens’ journey from being a relentlessly discriminated against track and field star to a four-time gold medalist at the […]

Black History Month “Activist Athlete” Of The Week: Jesse Owens

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On Friday, February 19, the film Race will be released for public view. The main character in the film? Jesse Owens, considered by many sports historians as the greatest track and field athlete to ever set foot into competition. Visit for more information Born in 1936 in Oakville, Alabama, Owens soon moved to Cleveland, Ohio […]

[EXCLUSIVE] Jason Sudeikis Talks Playing Coach Larry Snyder in “RACE”


Behind every great athlete is a great coach helping them prepare and motivating them to glory. Larry Snyder was one of those great coaches. Although his place in history is one that has been forgotten by many, nothing can outshine his importance to the success of Jesse Owens. It can easily be said that without Snyder […]