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Nicki Minaj Defends Jesy Nelson Amid Blackfish Claims

Jessie Nelson and Nicki Minaj

Jesy Nelson may not be getting an invite to the cookout. While many have shown the singer love after the release of her Nicki Minaj collab titled, “Boyz,” others seem to have a hard time accepting the singer’s features, claiming that the singer is black fishing and faking a “blaccent.” Visit for more information […]

[WATCH] Nicki Minaj Assist Jesy Nelson on “Boyz”

Jesy Nelson Nicki Minaj Boyz

Nicki Minaj jumps on Jesy Nelson’s debut single “Boyz.” Visit for more information “Ayo, it’s the UK baddie and the Barbie,” Nicki Minaj rhymes at the top of the track. “Boyz” is the first solo single from Jesy since leaving girl group Little Mix in December 2020. Many speculate the pairing was formed when […]