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Jim Carrey Shows Off His Love for Nike in Support of Colin Kaepernick

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Amongst all the love, hilarious memes, and unfortunately hate that Colin Kaepernick has been receiving since his new Nike campaign went viral,  there’s at least one thing we’re happy to report:  Jim Carrey is supporting our guy Kaep. The comedic extraordinaire made an appearance on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher recently, and the always animated Carey proudly flaunted […]

Jim Carrey Wants Everyone to “Dump” Facebook Stock, Says They “Profited” from Russian interference in the 2016 US Election

Jim Carrey

On Tuesday afternoon, actor and comedian Jim Carrey took to Twitter to his 17.5 million followers, and announced that he’s selling his Facebook stock and deleting his Facebook page because of Russia. The Comedian turned artist says the reason behind his decision is that the multi billion dollar social network benefited from Russian interference in […]