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Rory Issues Statement About Being Fired From the Joe Budden Podcast

'The Joe Budden Podcast' Set to Depart Spotify in Mid-September

Yesterday took a turn most fans of the Joe Budden Podcast weren’t necessarily expecting. After returning from their six-week hiatus from the show, JBP co-hosts Rory and Mal returned for two episodes, and on the latest episode on May 12th, both of the co-hosts were absent from their seats. During the episode, Joe aired out […]

Joe Budden Announces End of the JBP, “Helluva Run!! God Bless”


The Joe Budden Podcast has been in turmoil for quite some time. Back in March, fans of the show were surprised to see that JBP co-hosts Rory and Mal had seemingly been replaced. For about a month, the show went on without Rory and Mal, and without any official word from Rory, Mal, or Joe, […]

Joe Budden Shrugs Off Removal of Twitter Verification

Joe Budden Joins Patreon As Head of Creator Equity

A fan recently noticed that Joe Budden was no longer verified on the social media platform, Twitter. In the height of the digital age, the blue check verification is a badge of status. If you have the blue check, it supposedly separates you from the rest of the pack. Those who had notoriety prior to […]

The Joe Budden Podcast Celebrates 400 Episodes

'The Joe Budden Podcast' Set to Depart Spotify in Mid-September

Popular video and audio podcast The Joe Budden Podcast with regular co-hosts Rory and Mal supported by Parks has overnight celebrated its 400th episode since it launched almost five years ago on Soundcloud and YouTube, then titled as I’ll Name This Podcast Later. The podcast show has garnered a legion of loyal fans, is currently […]

Westside Gunn Has Parted Ways With Shady Records

Westside Gunn e

Griselda Records founder Westside Gunn revealed on Saturday’s episode of The Joe Budden Podcast that he has officially parted ways with Eminem’s Shady Records. Visit for more information Gunn was asked about his connection with and status in Shady records. That’s when he revealed that he was no longer with the label. In fact, […]

Joe Budden Reveals He Has COVID-19

Joe Budden Joins Patreon As Head of Creator Equity

Joe Budden has returned to his podcast schedule alongside his co-hosts but that may have now hit a snag as the rapper turned podcaster has announced he has contracted COVID-19. Visit for more information “So i have Covid. I’m pretty sure this effects our pod schedule,” Joe tweeted Thursday night. The news was met […]

Joe Budden Podcast Taking a Break Due to Coronavirus


Joe Budden, Rory and Mal will be on hiatus for the foreseeable future as the Joe Budden Podcast is taking a break due to the coronavirus outbreak. JBP dropped episode 334 on Tuesday which will be the last episode until further notice. Visit for more information “We’ll be back,” 1/3 of the JBP, Mal […]

Joe Budden Defends Kevin Hart Cheating Comments Against ‘The Real’


A lot of conversation has been surrounding Kevin Hart’s Netflix documentary, Don’t F This Up, since its release on December 26th. The docu-series gives fans a closer look at what happened during the comedian’s cheating scandal and the controversy surrounding his choice to not host the Oscars. Visit for more information Recently, the ladies […]

Joe Budden Dragged For Comments About Kawhi Leonard’s Father, Releases Apology


Joe Budden has transformed himself from an underground lyricist into a popular media personality. His Joe Budden Podcast with Rory and Mal is one of the most highly rated Hip-Hop podcasts. Visit for more information Budden has gained a reputation for his controversial takes and on the latest episode, he gave some unsavory remarks […]

Pusha T Reveals a Woman 40 is Dating Told Him About Drake’s Son


Over the last week the biggest story of Hip-Hop in 2018, Pusha T vs. Drake, sprung back to the top of everyone’s minds due to an appearance of the latter on LeBron James’ HBO show The Shop. During his time there, Drake stated Kanye West leaked the information about his son and expressed how Pusha […]