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Netflix Details ‘Tiger King 2’ as “More Madness and Mayhem”


Tiger King, the wild story of Joe Exotic that took over Netflix and Twitter during the COVID-19 pandemic, is getting ready for a sequel. Netflix has announced Tiger King 2, a documentary that will arrive on the streamer later this year. Visit for more information According to Variety, Tiger King 2 is set to […]

Joe Exotic Says He Has Prostate Cancer, Requesting New Trial


Joe Exotic is still attempting to secure his prison pardon. The Tiger King didn’t receive a pardon from President Trump upon his exit but he is now asking for President Biden and Vice President Harris for help citing needing treatment for prostate cancer. Visit for more information According to TMZ, Tiger King’s lawyer, John […]

Carole Baskin Relieved Joe Exotic Is Still Behind Bars


On his last full day in office, Donald Trump granted pardons and commuted sentences for over 150 prisoners. One of those expecting to be pardoned was Joe Exotic aka Tiger King. The Netflix star hired a stretch limo and a hair and make-up crew for his release, however, things did not go as planned. Visit […]

‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic Pushes for Pardon to Attend Father’s Funeral


One of last year’s breakout superstars, Joe Exotic, is once again petitoning for a pardon after his father has died. Exotic is now attempting to attend his father’s funeral in Oklahoma. Visit for more information TMZ reports Joe Exotic’s father, Franchis Schreibvogel, died following complications from COVID. Exotic’s legal representation is set to fly […]

Joe Exotic Asks President Trump for Pardon, Says He Was Sexually Assaulted


Joe Exotic is currently petitioning President Donald Trump for a pardon of his 22-year murder-for-hire sentence. TMZ reports Exotic and his legal team has submitted a 257-page document to the Trump administration with the main claim for his release is from being sexually assaulted behind bars. Visit for more information “I have been sexually […]

Nicolas Cage is Set to Portray Joe Exotic in ‘Tiger King’ Scripted Series

Nicolas Cage is Set to Portray Joe Exotic in 'Tiger King' Scripted Series

Netflix’s Tiger King docu-series made Joe Exotic the star he always wanted to be. Variety reports that an eight-episode series centered around Exotic is being produced by Imagine Television Studios and CBS Television Studios, and Nicolas Cage will star as Joe. Visit for more information The series is based on the Texas Monthly article […]

A Joe Exotic Streetwear Line Might be Coming Soon


Back in March, millions of people quarantined at home watched The Tiger King documentary and were blown away by the sheer ridiculousness of the never-ending beef between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin. Visit for more information Even though now Joe Exotic is behind bars and diagnosed with coronavirus, the bag does not seem like […]

Investigation Discovery Takes on the Sequel of Tiger King, ‘Investigating the Strange World of Joe Exotic’


Investigation Discovery has announced the will be taking on the sequel the Netflix hit docuseries, Tiger King the show will be centered around Carole Baskin’s and the disappearance of her husband Don Lewis.  Visit for more information Investigating the Strange World of Joe Exotic will show you secrets that only Joe knows and never […]