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Michael Jackson’s Former Doctor Speaks On Joe Jackson

Disgraced doctor Conrad Murray has shared his opinion on the recent death of Joe Jackson. In case you forgot, Murray served two years of a four-year sentence for the death of Micheal Jackson. Released from prison in 2013, he has kept a low profile but his latest statement is sure to change that. In a […]

Joe Jackson Buried at Same Cemetery as Michael Jackson in Los Angeles

Joe Jackon Michael Jackson

On Monday (July 2), the patriarch of the musical Jackson family Joe Jackson was laid to rest at a private ceremony in Los Angeles. According to the Associated Press, he was buried at the same cemetery as his late son, Michael Jackson, at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Southern California. The iconic talent manager died […]

Joe Jackson Passes Away at Age 89


Joe Jackson, the legendary music manager, and father to iconic singers Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson has died at the age of 89. TMZ reports family sources detailed Joe passed at the at 3:30 AM Wednesday in Los Angeles. Last week it was reported that Joe Jackson was hospitalized in Las Vegas due to effects […]

Joe Jackson is Reportedly Living his Final Days in the Hospital

Joe Jackson is Reportedly Living his Final Days in the Hospital

Last week we reported that Joe Jackson has terminal cancer and was hospitalized. TMZ reports that sources connected to him say he’s getting weaker by the day, and the family is preparing to say farewell. “It’s now a waiting game, and the end could come at any time,” a source says. Jackson planned to live […]

Joe Jackson Hospitalized with Terminal Illness in Las Vegas

Joe Jackon Michael Jackson

Joe Jackson has been hospitalized in Las Vegas with stage four pancreatic cancer. The Daily Mail reports the 88-year-old father to music legends Michael and Janet Jackson has been suffering for months and a downturn in his health status was reported to the family but they were unable to visit him. The report details that […]

Joe Jackson Compares Grandson Blanket to Father Michael Jackson

Joe Jackon Michael Jackson

Joe Jackson is simply being a caring grandfather. On Monday, (Nov. 12th) the 89-year old patriarch of the Jackson family, Joe Jackson reached out to his grandson, Prince Michael Jackson II or Blanket via Twitter to send him a warm message of wellness. The 15-year old is the youngest son of the late King of […]

87-Year-Old Joe Jackson Hospitalized In LA


According to TMZ, Joe Jackson, the patriarch of the Jackson family has been hospitalized following a routine checkup. The 87-year-old was in the middle of his checkup at a Los Angeles hospital last Friday when he suddenly became weak and had a high fever. Jackson has remained at the hospital since then under doctors’ care […]