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John Lewis Urges Voting and Advocacy in Posthumous Op-ed

Obama is Reportedly Set to Deliver Eulogy at John Lewis Funeral

Georgia Congressman and legendary Civil Rights Leader John Lewis penned one final op-ed prior to his passing on July 17. The New York Times published the letter on the day of his funeral by Lewis’ request. The late icon urges social advocacy, voting and calls on the youth to study their history. Visit for […]

Obama is Reportedly Set to Deliver Eulogy at John Lewis’ Funeral

Obama is Reportedly Set to Deliver Eulogy at John Lewis Funeral

Former President Barack Obama is reportedly set to deliver the eulogy at John Lewis’ funeral. Visit for more information The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports George W. Bush and Bill Clinton will also be in attendance. Obama is fitting to deliver the sweet message because he notably awarded Lewis with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2011. […]

Advocates Urge Alabama to Rename Edmund Pettus Bridge After John Lewis

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Following the passing of Civil Rights activist John Lewis on Friday politicians and citizens have advocated for the Edmund Pettus Bridge to be renamed after the late congressman. Visit for more information Lewis was a civil rights icon in the height of the 1960’s known for giving an opening speech at the March on […]

Filmmaker John Lewis Tackles Food and Health Injustice Against African Americans in Upcoming Film ‘They’re Trying To Kill Us’

They’re Trying To Kill Us proves Hip-Hop will save the world. Visit for more information The four interrelated principles of social justice are equity, access, participation, and rights. African American communities have been historically disenfranchised in their pursuit of those four principles as well as denied unalienable rights guaranteed by the United States constitution. […]

Trump’s Attack On John Lewis Backfires

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Donald Trump continues to push himself into a deeper hole the closer we approach Inauguration Day. It has recently been announced that 19 democratic lawmakers will not be attending the grand ceremony after his feud with civil rights leader and congressman John Lewis. Visit for more information Even though Trump’s “all talk” with “no […]

#NoBillNoBreak: Is This The Breaking Point of The Gun Control Debate?

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“If we’re breaking one rule, we might as well break a lot of them.” Visit for more information According to Representative Emanuel Cleaver, these were the words uttered by Congressman John Lewis just moments after House Speaker Paul Ryan adjourned the House of Representatives and shut down it’s live feed to C-Span, cutting the […]