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Georgia Flips Blue: Ossoff Defeats Purdue in Georgia Runoff

Georgia Flips Blue: Ossoff Defeats Purdue in Georgia Runoff

Jon Ossoff has followed Rev. Raphael Warnock in defeating Georgia Republican incumbents in the state’s Senate runoff. Ossoff defeated David Purdue, which will place control of the Senate in possession of the Democrats, The Hill and CNN reports. Visit for more information The race was called with Ossoff edging Perdue by less than .6 […]

Joe Biden’s Message To Georgia Voters: Vote Blue And 2K Stimulus Will Be En Route

President-elect Joe Biden is letting it be known that this senate runoff election is a choice between immediate stimulus relief or months of more gridlock banter, promising that victory for Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff would mean $2,000 stimulus checks would be sent out “immediately.”  Visit for more information During a last-minute rally in […]

Democrat Senate Candidates Break Fundraising Records Ahead of Georgia Runoff

Rev. Warnock on Possibly Winning Runoff: 'A tremendous honor'

With the Georgia Senate runoff elections looming, Democrats are putting up record numbers in fundraising. The Rev. Raphael G. Warnock and Jon Ossoff, Democratic Senate hopefuls, have each raised over $100 million since October, The New York Times reports. Visit for more information The runoff contests have received support from outside of Georgia as […]

Georgia Special Election Ends in Disappointment for Democrats

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Karen Handel, Republican, defeated Jon Ossoff of the Democratic Party in a special election for vacated seats in the House of Representatives, specifically Georgia’s Sixth district that Republicans have controlled for nearly 40 years. Visit for more information Ossoff, 30 years old, had been working for quite some time to raise money for his […]