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Recap: Jonathan Mannion & Roc Nation Presents “PROPHECY,” The 20 Year Celebration of ‘Reasonable Doubt’


Jonathan Mannion and Roc Nation’s “Prophecy” 20 year celebration of Reasonable Doubt was an epic extravaganza earlier this week. It was held at the Marlborough Gallery in the Chelsea area of Manhattan and featured art pieces from JAY Z‘s classic debut album on display. Jonathan Mannion, the photographer that captured the legendary album cover, is known […]

Jonathan Mannion Presents “Prophecy,” The 20 Year Celebration Of ‘Reasonable Doubt’


The introduction of JAY Z to the world occurred when his debut album Reasonable Doubt was released on Roc-A-Fella Records on June 25, 1996. With hits such as “Can’t Knock The Hustle” featuring Mary J. Blige, “Brooklyn’s Finest” featuring the late Notorious B.I.G and “Dead Presidents,” he peaked at the number three spot on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums chart. Jonathan Mannion, the photographer behind the lens to capture the album’s iconic cover, is currently celebrating his epic contribution to the album’s 20-year anniversary, with a private event held today [Thursday, June 30] titled “Prophecy,” presented by Mannion and Roc Nation. The event will feature “22 historical images that bring back iconic moments in time where two future icons in their respective fields would intersect and cause quite a stir.” Advertisement What events occurred that were essential in getting your big break in the photography world back in the 90s? Jonathan Mannion: The biggest break I’ve received was as a 22 year old. I had the opportunity to work for the legendary Richard Avedon as my first job straight out of Kenyon College. This opportunity afforded me the ability to see the biggest jobs that were being done in the world at the time: […]