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Jordan Poole Denies Blowing $500K on Ice Spice: ‘Definitely Cap’

Jordan Poole Denies Blowing $500K on Ice Spice: 'Definitely Cap'

Would you blow $500K on Ice Spice? After a long running rumors that he blew that amount on the rapper, Jordan Poole is making sure that it is a false claim. Visit for more information While signing arguments, Poole answered a question about playing with Steph Curry. A fan then asked “is that Ice […]

Draymond Green’s Mom Says Her Son Did Not Sucker Punch Jordan Poole: ‘Got Shoved and Reacted’


Draymond Green has announced a self-imposed leave of absence from the Golden State Warriors after a viral video from practice shows him punching teammate Jordan Poole. Draymond apologized, but his mom hit Twitter and doesn’t think it was a big deal. Visit for more information Hitting Twitter on Monday, Draymond’s mom, Mary Babers-Green, wrote […]

SOURCE SPORTS: Draymond Green Apologizes to Warriors After Physical Altercation with Jordan Poole in Practice


The Golden State Warriors are planning disciplinary action toward star forward Draymond Green. According to Shams Charania and The Athletic, Draymond threw a punch at teammate Jordan Poole during Training Camp practice on Wednesday. Visit for more information Reports state Green and Poole were in a verbal battle throughout the practice, which included some […]