Chef Trez Emerges As MVP At First Annual URL Celebrity All-Star Basketball Game


Hitman Holla and K-Shine worked hard to produce the first annual battle rap celebrity basketball game on Friday, August 9th during the Summer Impact weekend. The hope was that this game would be entertaining, and be a perfect fan give back… and it was. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information The game consisted of two teams: […]

Hitman Holla, Charlie Clips, Tsu Surf, Loaded Lux and Jaz The Rapper Announced for ‘Summer Impact’ Event on SMACK/URLTV


Halfway through their most successful year since their formation almost a decade ago, battle rap’s world leader SMACK/URLTV have announced their flagship event for 2019. This year combining two tentpole events into one: “Summer Madness” with “Double Impact.”  This move creates a 2-on-2 themed card called, “Summer Impact” double stacked with those considered the best […]

NOME9 Proves That There Are Levels To This Rapping Stuff

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If you love Hip-Hop, you understand that there are levels to this sh*t. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information You can be an MC, mastering the art of moving the crowd or being the mic controller. You can also be a rapper, one who understands the industry and how it works, producing rap songs that fit […]

NWX Strikes Back: Proves to Be Unstoppable At Action Packed URL Event

NWX Strikes Back; Proves to Be Unstoppable At Action Packed URL Event

The battle rap strike is officially over. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information To effectively punctuate the end of this so-called “strike” (one that barely got started), SMACK/ URL took over Club Amazura in Jamaica, Queens to reclaim their throne as “The World’s Most Respected MC Battle Arena” with their Strike 2.5 card. Leading the card, […]

R.B.E. Brings Jae Millz Out of Retirement For ‘Lift Your Soul 5’


A.R.P. and Rare Breed Entertainment have put together impressive cards all year. Previously at Lift Your Soul 4, fans finally got to see Murda Mook face off against Aye Verb. One of the most anticipated battles in battle rap history. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information With this in mind, it’s safe to say R.B.E. has […]

K-Shine and Don Q Link Up for ‘New Crib’ Video


While we look forward to seeing K-Shine jump back in his bag at URL’s The Strike 2.5, the bags accumulated from battling paid for the “New Crib.” Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information We have come to know Shine for turning grown men into “plates, “served up hot well and seasoned for him to enjoy a […]

The Strike Is Over – URL Presents “The Strike 2.5”

URL Strike

URLTV / SMACK have announced their next event on Saturday 13th October, titled “The Strike 2.5.” With unsubstantiated rumors circulating that URL made $2.5 million off the last PPV resulting in a self-declared strike from some battle rappers of sorts that never really lived up to the hype surrounding it, URL is back with a […]

DNA, K-Shine & Castle Deliver Kanan’s Message From the Dead


In case you missed the last episode of Starz Network’s Power, DNA, K-Shine, and Castle dropped a collaborative freestyle that will fill you in on what has been going down in the “big rich town.” Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information First off (Spoiler Alert), we extend our sympathies to 50 Cent considering Kanan won’t be […]

Is Ma$e Open to Battling On URLtv?

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Ayo Beasley… holla at Smack and set this jawn up! Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information From Harlem USA to Anytown, East Jablip, the streets are talking about the beef between Ma$e and Cam’ron.   And while we NEVER want anything to trickle over into real rap rumble, we must admit hearing rap battles on “wax” gives […]

Is It Time For Smack & URL To Usher In Fresh Battle Rap Talent?

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Midway through the recent “Unfinished Business 2” event diehard fans might have thought, “dang, battle rap has had its day.” Then rappers Tay Roc and Tsu Surf‘s third round begins, and the battle rap community breathes a collective sigh of relief. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information We’ve all seen K Shine, DNA, Tay Roc and […]

Battle Rapper Charron Gets Slapped In Rap Battle


As all fans of battle rap know, the hostility that fuels battle rap style lyricism can sometimes turn physical. That is exactly what happened this past weekend at Don’t Flop’s “First Anniversary” event in Atlanta. Battle rappers Charron and K-Shine engaged in an altercation that left one of the two humiliated and temporarily scarred. In […]