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Mase Says He Wants An Apology From Kanye West


Earlier this week Kanye demanded a public apology from Drake and J.Cole. We’re still unclear about his beef with Drake, but Ye’ probably wants an apology from Cole because of his 2016 track “False Prophets.” Now the tables have turned and Mase wants an apology from Kanye. On Friday, Mase posted a message to Kanye […]

Kanye West Vows to Reunite Him and Jay-Z, Along with Puma and Adidas

JAY ZandKanyeWestReportedlyQuietlySettledTIDALLawsuit

Kanye West has set Twitter ablaze this week. It started with him Tweeting out his dislike for the music industry, calling it modern-day slavery. Then beginning a crusade to reform the music industry. Today, West touched a little bit more on his relationship with Jay-Z, saying that he wants to reunite the two. It started […]

Kanye West Shares Video Of Himself Urinating On His Grammy

Kanye West Posts Screenshot Says He Misses 'Bro' Jay-Z

Kanye West surely has doubled down on his dislike of the music industry. He seems to be on a mission now to reform the music industry and get artists ownership of their music. After posting his 100+ page contract with UMG, West’s recent tweet couldn’t be a more blatant indication of what he thinks about […]

Hit-Boy Says Kanye Stopped Picking His Beats Because He Worked With Beyoncé

hit boaHit-Boy Say's Kanye Stopped Picking His Beats Because He Worked With Beyoncéy

Producer Hit-Boy has a countless number of hits under his belt and even some Grammy’s. He has also been working with Kanye for a number of years, even being signed to West’s G.O.O.D. Music label. Hit-Boy recently took to Instagram to share his support for West’s crusade to reform the music industry and shared that […]

Kanye West: White Media Took Down Bill Cosby, R. Kelly, Michael Jackson

Screen Shot 2020 09 16 at 11.53.50 AM

Kanye West continued his Twitter rant today after a tumultuous social media weekend, demanding an apology from J. Cole, Drake, and Kendrick and even comparing himself to famed slavery abolitionist Harriet Ross Tubman. In today’s continuum, Ye insists that white media corporations set agendas to take down Black male celebrities such as Michael Jackson and […]

Kanye West Says Universal Music Group Refuses To Tell Him Cost of Masters

Kanye West Secretly Met With Donald Trump's Advisor, Son-in-Law, Jared Kushner

Over the past few days, Kanye West has been extremely vocal about Black ownership within industries that profit from them the most: entertainment and sports. Ye deemed himself the modern day Nat Turner. The comparison draws parallel in West’s efforts to lead a rebellion against the music industry, with binding contracts that are almost impossible […]

Kanye West Vows to Get Artists Ownership of Their Music

Kanye West Withdraws Petition to Appear On NJ Presidential Ballot

Seems like Kanye West has been having some label issues for some time now. The recently minted billionaire has decided to use his platform to get artists their masters back. In a string of tweets a few days ago, Kanye has compared the music industry and the NBA to slavery. He says he wants to […]

Kanye West Calls Forbes ‘His Favorite White Supremacists’

KanyeWest'sDome LikePrototypesAppearinCalabasasIntendedtoBreakClassBarriers

Kanye West is no stranger to speaking his mind. In fact, his candor is one of his many distinguished qualities. In the past, he has gotten flack for remarks, including the infamous 2009 VMAs moment or even 2015 the Grammy Awards Post-Show. When it comes to projecting the truth, you can always count on Ye. […]

Kanye West Reveals That Bernie Sanders Refused to Meet Him

Kanye West Reveals That Bernie Sanders Refused to Meet Him

Nick Cannon returned with the second part of his interview with Kanye West, and just like part one, there was nothing dull about it. While discussing his meeting with Jared Kushner, the rapper revealed that Bernie Sanders refused to meet with him. “I’m not one of these, ‘I’m Black so I’m Democrat, 95 percent’… 95 […]

[WATCH] Kanye West Walks on Water at Atlanta Sunday Service

Kanye West Has Spent Over $50 Million on Sunday Service Events

Kanye West’s Sunday Service hit Atlanta this weekend and it was quite the sight to see. With Kim Kardashian on hand, Kanye and his children led the Sunday Service team in a walk on water. Literally, with doves flying in the background. TMZ reports the service featured a sermon from Pastor Joel Osteen of Houston, […]

Kanye West is Removed From Virginia’s Presidential Ballot

Kanye West Reveals That Bernie Sanders Refused to Meet Him

Kanye West’s Presidential campaign is a whirlwind and it just hit another dead end. A Virginia judged ordered the rapper’s name to be removed from the ballots because they determined that he applied unethical tactics to secure Electoral Oaths. Richmond Circuit Court Judge Joi Taylor ruled that 11 out of 13 of Ye’s oaths were […]

Kanye West Tops Forbes’ 2020 Highest Paid Musician List With $170M

Kanye West Tops Forbes' 2020 Highest Paid Musician List With $170M

Financial climate publication Forbes released their list of highest-paid musical artists, ranking Kanye West as the highest-paid musician of the year, making at least twice as much money as any of the other artists on the list. His Yeezy collaboration with adidas is what earned the music and fashion icon the lion’s share of his […]

Old Navy Offers to Pay Employees to Volunteer to Be Poll Workers on Election Day

Old Navy Offers to Pay Employees to Volunteer to Be Poll Workers on Election Day

It’s crunch time for the 2020 Presidential election, and between Donald Trump and Kanye West, there’s no telling what kind of tricks would be pulled between now and then. Sadly, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is predicted to impact polls because Senior retirees usually volunteer to be poll workers but they are also at high-risk to […]

Today In Hip Hop History: Kanye West Says “George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People” 15 Years Ago

Screen Shot 2020 09 02 at 4.08.35 PM

Everyone remembers where they were when Kanye West dropped a bomb of a comment on the Katrina Telethon, on Live Television. “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” which caught every viewer and listener off guard, including Mike Myers, the famous comedian standing next to him. It was fifteen years ago, but the effect and power of those […]

Kanye West Has Spent Over $50 Million on Sunday Service Events

Kanye West Has Spent Over $50 Million on Sunday Service Events

Kanye West’s Sunday Service events have been a hit worldwide. In a recent interview on Nick Cannon’s podcast, Ye stated that he spent over $50 million on Sunday Service performances. The money went into uniforms for the choir, flights, and more. He stated that it was over 120 people who went to Jamaica to perform. […]