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Meek Mill, Killer Mike and Others Call On President Biden For Marijuana Reform

meek mill killer mike marijuana reform

Meek Mill and Killer Mike are amongst a number of rappers and athletes that are joining forces to call on President Joe Biden for marijuana reform.  Visit for more information The letter signed by a group of more than 150 celebrities, athletes, politicians, law enforcement professionals and academic leaders was delivered to President Joe […]

Killer Mike on MSNBC: ‘I believe part of social justice is making sure economic justice happens’


Killer Mike hit MSNBC to speak with anchor Stephanie Ruhle and highlighted his new digital bank for Latinx and Black customers, systemic racism, and more. Visit for more information Speaking on the Greenwood initiative, Killer Mike highlighted how financials are imperative for minority groups. “There have been many tragic stains on American history in […]

Killer Mike Met With Backlash For Meeting With Georgia Governor Brian Kemp

Killer Mike Launches Digital Banking App, Greenwood, to Benefit Black and Latino Communities

Killer Mike is one of the more outspoken members of the hip hop community. He has been vocal about his progressive political views and even endorsed Bernie sanders in his 2016 and 2020 presidential run. Now, Killer Mike is facing some backlash for meeting with Georgia governor Brian Kemp. Visit for more information “Today, […]

Black Thought Drops New Single ‘Good Morning’ Feat. Pusha T, Killer Mike & Swizz Beatz

Black Thought Drops New Single 'Good Morning' | The Source

Black Thought, the legendary lead emcee and co-founder of the groundbreaking and hugely influential Philadelphian hip hop group The Roots, has today released his new single “Good Morning” with Pusha T, Killer Mike, and Swizz Beatz. Visit for more information The three-minute track features Black Thought with the opening verse in signature fashion, before […]

[WATCH] Tyrese and Killer Mike Talk Fatherhood On FOX Soul’s ‘King’s Konvo’

Multi-Grammy Award-nominated singer and actor Tyrese talked about his hardships as a father and how his love for his daughter turned into a meme Sunday, June 21. The conversation, which was hosted by producer and co-founder of Da Internz Kosine, aired on a powerful Father’s Day Special Edition of King’s Convo on FOX Soul, the interactive streaming platform dedicated to Black people. Visit […]

Killer Mike to Be Featured on McDonald’s ‘Voices’ During 2020 BET Awards

Killer Mike Launches Digital Banking App, Greenwood, to Benefit Black and Latino Communities

McDonald’s continue to support BET as the network celebrates its 40th birthday, and 20th award show ceremony. Visit for more information The fast food franchise donated a portion of its ad space to amplify the voices of notable Black figures like Melissa Butler, founder & CEO of the Lip Bar, and Killer Mike. The […]

[WATCH] Killer Mike Talks Joe Biden, COVID-19 and More On Fatman Scoop TV

Every night at 7pm Fatman Scoop goes Live on IG with some of our favorite celebrities. His live show is lighthearted and comedic. Visit for more information Check out the recent conversation with  Killer Mike. They discuss the Coronavirus, Joe Biden, and how they connect to the Black community.

Killer Mike Takes Over Selena Gomez IG to Talk to Her Fans About Racial Injustice

Killer Mike Launches Digital Banking App, Greenwood, to Benefit Black and Latino Communities

Selena Gomez has always been using her platform lately to speak about social rights for minorities. Visit for more information In wake of George Floyd’s murder and protest over police brutality, the Mexican-American singer invited rapper/activist, Killer Mike, amongst other black activist such as Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza and author Ibram X. […]

Several Major Hip-Hop Artists Endorse Democratic Frontrunner Bernie Sanders


The second Democratic primary of the 2020 election has concluded in New Hampshire and unlike Iowa, where results were murky, the New Hampshire primary has confidently concluded that Bernie Sanders is the victor. Visit for more information The Vermont senator, who enjoyed a meteoric rise to the national stage in the 2016 election before […]

Killer Mike Gets A Netflix Series ‘Trigger Warning’

Killer Mike Endorses Colin Kaepernick for Time Magazine's Person Of The Year

Killer Mike is one of the most politically engaged and progressive thinking MC’s in the hip-hop game. Not only is he politically active but he still finds time to spit heat on the mic as one half of the rap duo Run The Jewels. Now Killer Mike will explore cultural taboos with his newest venture […]

Killer Mike Apologizes After NRA Backlash

Rapper Killer Mike Accuses AntiGun fcaafbeb

Run the Jewels rapper Killer Mike has apologized for giving an interview to the NRA in which he defended gun ownership and said he had discouraged his children from participating in school walkouts in protest against gun violence. The video interview ran online the same day as the nationwide protest. Visit for more information […]

Vic Mensa Challenges Killer Mike to Debate Him on Gun Control

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Vic Mensa took to Twitter Saturday night to invite Killer Mike to a debate on gun control. The two rappers who have conflicting views on the issue of gun control made public appearances in separate venues to voice their support for their respective sides. Visit for more information Vic Mensa performed his song “We […]

Killer Mike Comes to the Defense of NRA Gun Owners


Killer Mike is usually defending progressive thinking liberals, however, he recently took a surprising stand on the subject of the Second Amendment in the interview with Colion Noir. Visit for more information “I told my kids on the school walkout: ‘I love you. If you walk out that school, walk out my house,’” the rapper said […]

Big Boi on New Outkast Album: Whenever “Dre Is Ready, I’m Ready”


Big Boi and André 3000, the bodies of Atlanta based funkadelic hip-hop duo Outkast have allowed 11 years to go by without putting out an album. Since their 1994 debut, Southernplaylistcadillacmuzik Outkast has exposed their mesmerizing, bouncy, and distinctive sound to the hip-hop masses and beyond, causing outsiders to develop a profound outlook on the […]