Five Rap Battles Announced That We’re Looking Forward to in 2019


On paper, the rap battle lineups are exceptional. Just judging off the battles that have already been announced, leagues are looking to the culture of battle rap to the next level. Let’s take a quick look at five of the top battles that have caught our eyes this year. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Loaded […]

KOTD Announces Head I.C.E vs. Chilla Jones Title Match

KOTD Announces Head I.C.E vs. Chilla Jones Title Match

Canada’s King Of The Dot has announced that Boston’s Chilla Jones will challenge Harlem’s Head I.C.E for the KOTD Chain in Toronto at their DECADE event on December 9, celebrating ten years in the game since their humbling beginnings outdoors in late 2008. The title match is certainly a style clash and provides a tough […]

King Of The Dot Reaches Ten Years in the Battle Rap Community

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Canada’s premiere battle rap platform, King Of The Dot Entertainment or simply KOTD, celebrates its 10th birthday this week since its first event on 8/8/2008 in Toronto when it was founded by host Organik and RyanPVP. Developing in a grassroots manner like most other major battle rap platforms, KOTD started out physically in the streets […]

Dumbfoundead is in the Battle For Koreatown and Beyond

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The 32-year-old MC’s story begins in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he and his sister were born and then smuggled up through Mexico by their mother, eventually settling in Koreatown, California. Jonathan Park aka Dumbfoundead quickly took to the freestyle element of the hip-hop culture through workshops and nights like Project Blowed, which was founded by […]

King Of The Dot Drops The New Cortez vs A. Ward Battle

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Widely discussed as the battle of the night from King Of The Dot’s Gully vs. Ganik 2 event held early last month in Toronto, the full battle between Brooklyn’s Cortez and Kansas City’s A.Ward dropped this week. The battle speaks for itself as to why it was so widely talked up over the last seven […]

Bigg K Crowned KOTD Battler of 2017

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Bigg K of Norfolk, VA was announced the inaugural fan-voted King Of The Dot Battler of the Year for 2017, ahead of the other Top 5 Nominees in Pass, Head I.C.E, Illmaculate and Cortez. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information Bigg K returns to SMACK/URL to battle T-Top on March 31, following his previous classic vs. Rosenberg […]

King Of The Dot Announces Upcoming “Massacre 4” Event


Battle Rap has another marquee event on the horizon. King Of The Dot battle league recently released the flyer promoting their upcoming Massacre 4 card. The Massacre series has quickly become one of the most anticipated battle events of the year and if this year is anything like the past three, fans are in for […]

RIP Bender: A Great Loss To Battle Rap And Beyond

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Much more than one of the best multi-syllable rhymers in battle rap over the last decade, Canada’s Bender helped to position King Of The Dot as one of the premiere battle rap leagues in the world. Often utilizing some of the rhyming techniques which made Big Pun the legend that he is today, the creative […]

Battle Rapper Bigg K to Return to URL for Smack Vol. 2 Event

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Battle Rapper Bigg K is making his long awaited return to the Ultimate Rap League for the Smack Volume 2 event in March. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information His surprise return was announced on the Smack/URL YouTube channel early on Monday morning in the third announcement teaser for the event. Bigg K is scheduled to […]

Cortez vs Dunn D Drops On Real Talk Battles

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Brooklyn’s own Cortez of the infamous Murda Ave crew recently traveled to Melbourne to take on Australia’s current #1 battler Dunn D on the country’s leading battle rap platform – Real Talk Battles at Laundry Bar. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information The highly entertaining, close battle had many calling it a split 2 – 1 either way.  […]

Is Ma$e Open to Battling On URLtv?

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Ayo Beasley… holla at Smack and set this jawn up! Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information From Harlem USA to Anytown, East Jablip, the streets are talking about the beef between Ma$e and Cam’ron.   And while we NEVER want anything to trickle over into real rap rumble, we must admit hearing rap battles on “wax” gives […]

King Of The Dot Announces Upcoming “Massacre 3” Battle Rap Event


Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information King Of The Dot has been one of the leading forces in battle rap for some time now. Since it’s inception the league has grown to be one of the most respected platforms in the culture. From delivering in demand match ups, to extremely high quality streams for all of […]

[New Video] Battle Rap King Arsonal Releases Upbeat New Visual “Go Hard”


Arsonal is an American battle rapper from Newark, New Jersey. He currently has 43 battles catalogued with over 42 million toal views. He has competed in major battle leagues such as URL and KOTD. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information The Battle Rap King just released a new video titled “Go Hard” which was directed by […]

KOTD “Battles at the Bunker” Pits Dizaster Against Mystery Opponent

Battles At The Bunker cover update

King of the Dot launches its summer series with “Battles at the Bunker,” which is set to highlight some under celebrated battlers and put Dizaster against a mystery opponent. Visit streaming.thesource.com for more information While there are many rumors about who will face Diz in Los Angeles tonight [June 25th], the most popular names are […]