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SOURCE SPORTS: Lance Stephenson Looking To Get Back In The NBA This Season

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Lance Stephenson aka “born ready” is looking to get back into the NBA. According to Miami Herald reporter Barry Jackson, Miami Heat recently became aware that veteran swingman Lance Stephenson is looking to get back into the league. The Heat had been looking to fill a vacant roster spot, which ultimately went to big man Dewayne […]

Lance Stephenson on Playing with LeBron James: ‘It Was Actually Funny’

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When LeBron James joined the Los Angeles Lakers many NBA fans huddled around Twitter waiting for #WojBombs to see who would join him. Many of which did not believe that it would be Lance Stephenson, a longtime LeBron opponent and one of the best high energy players in the entire league. Visit for more […]

Miami Heat Sought Lance Stephenson Out After Making The “Choke” Sign To LeBron


Lance Stephenson, who peaked during the Indiana Pacers 2012-14 playoff runs, once made an ill-advised move in the 2012 NBA playoffs, mocking and ridiculing then Miami Heat forward LeBron James for his at-the-time bad habits of freezing late in game. Visit for more information Apparently, Heat players took offense to his behavior and went […]

According to Doc Rivers, The Clippers Plan On Keeping Blake Griffin

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After the infamous scuffle with the team’s trainer in which he broke his hand, it looks like Blake Griffin‘s trade rumors have finally been laid to rest. Visit for more information According to Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers, the Clip Show plan to keep Blake on their roster. Rivers told Los Angeles Times writer Ben Bolch that […]

The Los Angeles Clippers Have Acquired Lance Stephenson From Charlotte

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Lance Stephenson is on the road again… Visit for more information Lance Stephenson was the enigmatic mid-1st round draft pick that eventually turned into a triple-double machine that was instrumental to the Indiana Pacers’ two Eastern Conference Finals runs in 2013 and 2014, but quickly fell out of favor. As a free agent, he […]

[Video] Lance Stephenson Flexes And Hops On Bobby Shmurda’s Hot N***a

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The newly acquired Charlotte Hornet Lance Stephenson decided to try his hand at the popular single Visit for more information Oh Lance. There are many words that come to mind when you think of ‘Born Ready’ and I guess “Rapper” is on that list (stay with me guys). Bedside’s becoming a bonafide player in the […]

Lance Stephenson Signs Three-Year Deal With the Charlotte Hornets

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Lance Stephenson has signed a three-year, $27 million deal to play for the Charlotte Hornets, according to ESPN.  The deal includes a team option for the third season.  The new contract ends Stephenson productive but somewhat tumultuous stay with the Indiana Pacers. Visit for more information Stephenson and the Hornets came to agreement early Wednesday morning […]

Lance Stephenson Posts Photo Embracing Lebron James & Says He Respects Him

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One of the major storylines during the Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers series was the drama between Lance Stephenson and Lebron James.  Stephenson continued to antagonize Lebron throughout the series doing things like blowing in his ear, putting his hands on Lebron’s face and tons of trash talk. Visit for more information Stephenson however […]

Lance Stephenson At It Again Pestering Lebron James

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Lance Stephenson has made it clear that he’ll do whatever it takes to get in Lebron James’ head, from trash talk to blowing in his ear. Visit for more information Tonight is game six and the Miami Heat have come out firing trying to eliminate the Indiana Pacers.  Stephenson decided to bother a hot […]

Lance Stephenson Says Lebron James’ Trash Talking is a ‘Sign of Weakness’

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Irony was the first word that popped into my head when I heard Lance Stephenson’s quote and then I read his explanation. Visit for more information Stephenson is notorious for getting under the skin of his opposition.  A basketball player from Brooklyn, trash talk is an essential part of your arsenal.  His main target […]