Late Registration

Team Kanye Daily To Live Stream 2 Hours of Yeezy’s Biggest Hits April 2

Kanye West DONA Deluxe

If you follow Team Kanye Daily on Instagram, you’ll see the exclusive Kanye West content they post oftentimes images and video you won’t find anywhere else. Now, they’re getting involved in the IG live during quarantine wave and doing an all Yeezy music session. Visit for more information The TKD Instagram posted that they’ll […]

Kanye West’s Late Registration Turns 12 Years Old Today


It doesn’t even feel like 12 years since Kanye West dropped his sophmore album, Late Registration. Visit for more information The album went triple platinum and turned a college drop out into a superstar. Late Registration revealed Kanye’s growth as a lyricist and producer. His lyrics explored personal and political themes such as, the […]

Kanye West’s “Gold Digger” Was Released 12 Years Ago Today


Kanye West’s second studio album Late Registration made its mark in many Hip Hop fan’s hearts. It spawned the timeless hit “Gold Digger” which was released on July 5, 2005. Visit for more information The song peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Ye’s and Jamie Foxx’s second number one single. The […]

Kanye West Sets New Record As ‘The Life of Pablo’ Debuts At Number One

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Kanye West has made history with the cross platform release of The Life of Pablo. Visit for more information Despite its non traditional release, The Life of Pablo is the seventh studio album West has created landing in the number one spot. According to Billboard, it also set a new record as the first number one where […]