The Best Hip-Hop Grammy Winners Of All Time


The Grammys are here! This Sunday, The 56th annual Grammy Awards has begun and is going to be held at the famous Staples center in Los Angeles, California. This year the ceremony is hosted by two time Grammy winner,  LL Cool J. This is the first time there has been a host in seven years. This year’s […]

Lauryn Hill Announces 5 More Tour Dates


According to a press release, Lauryn Hill has now announced a new string of concert dates to follow up her first post-prison performance. Her “Homecoming” tour, which kicks off at New York’s Bowery Ballroom on November 27th, will be followed by several more appearances across the northeast. The $100 tickets are available at Ticketmaster. Advertisement […]

Lauryn Hill Announces 2 New Shows. Details:

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Though it’s been anticipated for some time, the official date and place of Lauryn Hill’s first post-prison performance has now been announced. Ms. Hill will play both an early and a late show on November 27th at New York’s Bowery Ballroom. As for new music, Lauryn Hill has kept pretty quiet about it, although she did […]

Lauryn Hill Back Home After Serving Her Three Months

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Lauryn Hill, the first lady of the Fugees and grammy winning emcee, was released from prison yesterday. She was serving a three month stint for tax evasion, after failing to pay the more than $1.8 million in income taxes from 2007-2008. Instead of being on tour, Ms. Hill found herself in the minimum security Federal Correction Institution in […]

Ash Wins’Days: Take A Note From Your Favorite Celebs Tax Woes


Peace and blessings, fam! Allow me to re-introduce myself… My name is ASH! C-to the-A.S.H… a.k.a. Mr. “Mind Right Money Right.” NYC is the home base, but lately, people far and wide have been learning about my mission to help people live better – both financially and mentally. And, along with my self-diagnosis of Adult […]

Unforgettable Concert & Tour Moments In Hip-Hop

nas jayz

It’s not all about how a record plays on CD, but also how the artist makes the lyrics come alive while performing. In a world where most rappers are viewed as untouchable, it’s amusing to reflect on some moments that have made them seem a little bit more human. From when hip-hop emerged in the […]

Lauryn Hill Begins 3 Month Prison Sentence

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Lauryn Hill is legally paying the price for failing to pay her taxes. Lauryn Hill has checked-in to federal prison located in Connecticut where she will begin her 3 month sentence for tax evasion. The Federal Correctional Institution (FCI), where Hill will reside for the remainder of her time, is described as a “minimum security […]

Lauryn Hill Pens Another Open Letter Addressing Racism & The IRS

lauryn hill jail tax evasion

The former Fugees member took to her Tumblr and penned an open letter addressing racism, the IRS and the ways of society. In it, she give readers the history of her race and their relation to society. She even goes into details on her court appearance for tax evasion. Back in May, she was sentenced […]

Update: Lauryn Hill Sentenced To Three Months In Prison

Following her sentencing in NJ, Lauryn Hill has been ordered to serve three months in prison for tax evasion. Lauryn Hill has received her sentencing for failing to pay taxes on about $1 million in earnings between 2005 and 2007. The Grammy award winning artist will serve three months in prison following her hearing. Lauryn […]

Ms. Lauryn Hill Leaks Exclusive Track, “Neurotic Society”

After being embroiled in the headlines last week, Lauryn Hill drops new music Lauryn Hill has had a busy week. Advertisement After appearing in court on federal tax evasion charges and fighting an eviction last week, the former female Fugee is back with her first joint since signing her million dollar deal just days after […]

Today’s Mathematics


Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Equality all being Born to Build or Destroy Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Equality all being Born to Build or Destroy. Wisdom Equality means to show forth your ability to deal Equally with all facets of your life using Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding. When one’s intelligence is transferred from a mental […]

Today’s Mathematics


Wisdom Understanding All being Born to Power. Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Understanding all being Born to Power. With Wisdom being the mental and physical manifestation of one’s Knowledge, the purpose of one’s intelligent words, ways and actions is to ultimately being forth Understanding. This is the concisely clear picture that is seen in the […]

Update: Lauryn Hill Court Hearing Postponed


NJ judge grants Lauryn Hill a two week grace period to pay back taxes. Draped in a gray trench coat, black slacks and a Gucci bag just minutes before her hearing, Lauryn Hill appeared in court today in Newark prepared to be given her sentence for tax fraud to which she plead guilty last year. […]

Lauryn Hill Faces Eviction Days Before Sentencing


Grammy Award winning emcee and actress Lauryn Hill get eviction notice for her New Jersey mansion just days before she is sentenced to prison for tax fraud. As if things couldn’t get any worse for Ms. Hill. Advertisement Less than a week before she is sentenced for her tax fraud case, Grammy award winning emcee […]