Zara’s Unpaid Workers Revolt: Notes Found Inside Clothing

zara storefront

Zara’s business practices are coming into question after a host of employee’s cries for help. The fast fashion provider has been accused of treating workers unfairly and not paying them for their actions. Employees of Istanbul’s Bravo Tekstil entered Zara stores and sewn in notes into clothes on the racks. Notes with messages such as […]

Walking and Texting Banned in Honolulu

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People walking with their eyes firmly attached to their mobile phone screens while strolling along busy streets is a sight many are familiar with. Apparently texting and walking can be dangerous and a handful of cities are taking action. Visit for more information Honolulu has passed a law, taking effect this Wednesday, that grants […]

The Significant Changes To The New White House Website

Moving into the new presidency, there were some significant changes on the White House’s website. Civil rights, LGBT rights, health care, and climate change were all removed. Visit for more information There has also been a removal of “eliminating harmful and unnecessary policies such as the Climate Action Plan and the Waters of the […]

The State Of Missouri Will Now Charge Students With Felonies For Fighting

The State Of Missouri Will Now Charge Students With Felonies For Fighting

The new state statute in Missouri has parents and the community concerned about the increased connection between school and prison. Visit for more information This new statewide law positions students to face possible felony charges from fighting instead of misdemeanors. The statute will push to no longer handle fights domestically but now arrest and […]

The Rock and Mark Wahlberg Are Being Sued For $200 Million Over HBO’s Ballers

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Even though HBO’s Ballers is enjoying a great run and filming has just wrapped for a second season, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Mark Wahlberg are experiencing a legal stir over the show’s credit. Visit for more information According to E! News, evidence shows Everette Silas and Sherri Littleton introduced the idea of a show […]

Gov. Brown Signs Law To Have Mandatory Vaccines For Schoolchildren In California


Yesterday, (June 30) California officially became the largest state in the country to require schoolchildren to receive vaccinations— unless there is a perfect explanation that disables them to do so, such as medical reasons Visit for more information Gov. Jerry Brown, a democrat, signed a bill that ended exemptions for all personal and/or religious reasons on Tuesday. He […]