Cardi B Lands Deposition Date for $15M Lawsuit Against Former Manager

Cardi B is involved in a string of legal issues. One of the battles is with her former manager, Shaft, who argues that he jumpstarted the former reality star’s career before she financially cut him off. Bardi clapped back with a lawsuit of her own. Visit for more information The “Money” rapper sued Shaft […]

Cardi B Warns Offset to Never Go Eric Benet: “You Gon’ Lose Your Wife”

Cardi B Warns Offset to Never Go Eric Benet: "You Gon' Lose Your Wife"

Cardi B isn’t letting Offset off the hook for his infidelity so easy. Visit for more information The “Bodak Yellow” rapper took the stage in Mississippi at the Holiday Hip Hop Festival and fired off warning shots to soon-to-be-husband. “I let a n*gga know though. You do that sh*t again, you gon’ lose your wife,” […]

Cardi B Gifts Offset With a Rolls-Royce Wraith for His Birthday

CardiBGiftsOffsetWithaRolls RoyceWraithforHisBirthday

Last week Offset posted a video where he was making fun of his fiance, Cardi B, for her frugal ways. She defended herself by saying, “First of all, your birthday gift is not going to be cheap. So don’t expect nothing for Christmas, neither Valentine’s Day.” Bardi wasn’t lying when she said his birthday gift […]

Cardi B is Set to be Featured on Migos’ ‘Culture 2’

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Cardi B has been the hottest in the streets following the release of her Summer anthem “Bodak Yellow”. Many people are wondering if the Bronx rapper can continue her winning streak, but Migos isn’t worried about that because Cardi will be featured on Culture 2.  Visit for more information It’s safe to say that Cardi […]