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Lil Pump Facing $1.6M Tax Lien Against His Miami Home

Lil Pump

Lil Pump did not give the IRS money owed from his “Gucci Gang” days and now is accused of owing Uncle Sam $1.6 million. Visit for more information Radar Online reports Lil Pump, born Gazzy Garcia, was hit with a massive federal tax lien, which was laid against his $5 million Miami mansion. If […]

JetBlue Reportedly Bans Lil Pump for Refusing to Wear Mask During Flight

JetBlue Reportedly Bans Lil Pump for Refusing to Wear Mask During Flight

Lil Pump is still keeping up with his MAGA persona. He was banned from JetBlue airlines for refusing to wear a mask during his flight then making a scene. Visit for more information TMZ reports that the “Gucci Gang” artist was verbally abusive with the staff, took off his mask during the heated exchange, […]

Lil Pump Is Launching His Own Cryptocurrency

JetBlue Reportedly Bans Lil Pump for Refusing to Wear Mask During Flight

Lil Pump is jumping on the crypto train with the South Florida rapper announcing a new PumpCoin cryptocurrency. Visit for more information In a similar fashion to Lil Yachty, Pump is joining forces with Fyooz, in order to create his own PumpCoin, which essentially allows fans to buy into the young rapper, banking on […]

Lil Pump Reveals He is the Father of a Toddler

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In my finest Pusha T voice, “you are hiding a child.” 2020 has been an interesting year for Lil Pump. No spoke of much for the music, instead, it was for supporting Trump, the latest wrinkle is he is a father. Visit for more information The “Gucci Gang” rapper hi Instagram and revealed he […]

Lil Pump Promoted for Trump But Was Not Registered to Vote

Donald Trump Brings Out Lil Pump On Final Campaign Rally

The desperation for Donald Trump to get reelected was sky-high. The commander in chief brought in Lil Pump, and called him Lil Pimp, seemingly in hopes to get a voter’s push. Didn’t help him win but it’s even more embarrassing now that Pump didn’t vote at all. Visit for more information The Smoking Gun […]

Russ Jabs ‘Lil Pimp’ and Points Out How He Became Popular

Donald Trump Brings Out Lil Pump On Final Campaign Rally

Lil Pimp, I mean Pump, is getting a resurgence in headlines. The rapper that is known for “Gucci Gang” and not much else, popped up on the campaign trail with Trump and led to a collective eye roll across the nation. Visit for more information With Trump appearing to be near the end of […]

Smokepurpp Announces ‘Florida Jit’ Release Date and Cover Art


Smokepurpp is beginning the rollout of his Florida Jit album. The Lil Pump collaborator revealed that his new album will drop June 5. Visit for more information The 23-year-old Miami native dropped his single “It’s Whatever” a day before revealing the album release date and cover art. The music video is closing in on […]

Lil Pump Bit By Snake on Set of New Video

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Lil Pump released behind the scenes clip that shows a shocking blooper from the video shoot to his new song. Pump posted on Instagram a video of a snake biting him on the hand while posing for a scene. Visit for more information In the clip, the snake trainer is trying to place the […]

Lil Pump Refers to XXXTentacion as the ‘2Pac of Our Generation’

First Photos of XXXTentacion's Son Surfaces

The newer generation of Hip-Hop artists often refers to members of their generation as the new Tupac. Outside of rap, even those who are clearly wrong like to put a spin on the legacy of the legendary rapper for their own personal gain, looking at you, Jussie. Visit for more information With the one […]

Lil Pump’s Commencement Speech At Harvard University Was Allegedly A Publicity Stunt


You have to admit, it may have been interesting to see. Visit for more information Even though Lil Pump was reportedly confirmed to deliver the commencement speech at Harvard University’s 2019 graduation ceremony, but the school has already annunced who will be elivering this year’s commencement speech, so how did Lil Pup’s name even […]

Lil Pump Heading To Harvard For 2019 Commencement Speech

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It’s never too late to go back to school. Especially if you’re going to Harvard. Visit for more information With this in mind, the Harverd Dropout better known as Lil Pump will be heading to Cambridge, Massachusetts to deliver the 2019 commencement speech at Harvard University. Indeed, WHRB Harvard Radio confirmed his appointment today. In […]

[WATCH] Lil Pump Says He’s Boycotting Gucci, But Not ‘Gucci Gang’

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Everyone has been waiting for the word from Mr. Gucci Gang himself… Visit for more information The controversy behind the Gucci brand and the racist sweater creation resembling the Blackface character of Sambo has everything relative to the popular, high-end clothier under scrutiny. Even the illustrious Florida slang spitter Lil Pump, the artist who […]

Gucci Mane, Lil Pump and Smokepurpp Form ‘Gucci Gang’ Super-group For Coachella

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Gucci Mane, Lil Pump, and Smokepurpp have been revealed as members of a supergroup called “Gucci Gang,” with the trio confirmed to perform at Coachella 2019. Visit for more information The iconic California festival yesterday revealed its full lineup for 2019 this week, with Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino and Tame Impala taking the top […]

DJ Funk Flex Squashes Beef With Lil Pump

DJ Funk Flex Squashes Beef With Lil Pump

DJ Funk Flex has been known to be critical of some of the younger rappers. It appears that he’s burying the hatchet with one of the leaders of the new school, Lil Pump. Visit for more information Over the weekend, Flex posted a picture of the duo posing backstage and revealed that they talked […]

Label Execs Reveal How They Make Rappers Go Viral

California Wildfires Reaches Lil Pump's Backyard

They call it “The Pump Plan” based on the viral success of Florida Emcee “Lil Pump”. A formula for helping rappers go viral. A new report from Vulture examines how labels are snatching up viral sensations and cashing in big. WSo what’s the secret formula for getting rappers like XXXtentacion, Lil Pump and 6ix9ine to become […]

California Wildfires Reaches Lil Pump’s Backyard

California Wildfires Reaches Lil Pump's Backyard

It seems to be that time of the year where the seemingly annual California wildfires blaze its trails. Many people are being forced to evacuate their homes including some top celebrities like the Kardashian family. Lil Pump just had to blast out of his crib because the fire reached his backyard. Visit for more […]

Kanye West’s ‘Ye’, ‘I Love It’ Featuring Lil Pump Goes Gold

Kanye West's 'Ye', 'I Love It' Featuring Lil Pump Goes Gold

Kanye West has another win, or two, to be correct. As of late, the Recording Institution of America confirmed Kanye’s ‘Ye collection a gold certification. His Lil Pump-assisted effort, “I Love It,” has likewise gone gold. Visit for more information Ye, a venture which has up to this point turned out to be one […]

Lil Pump’s Cancelled Tour Will Cost Him $1 Million


The trouble of Lil Pump will have miss out on an insane payday. The young star was supposed to head out on the Harverd Dropout tour but instead had to cancel, resulting in a missed bag of over one million dollars. Visit for more information TMZ reports the “Gucci Gang” rapper was set to […]