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Happy Birthday to Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes!

Happy Birthday to Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes!

Lisa Nicole Lopes, often referred to as her stage name Left Eye, left an imprint on the world through her music and free-spirit. She was born on this day [May 27] in 1971. Visit for more information Her life was cut short on April 25, 2002 when she died from a fatal car accident […]

Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes 10 Greatest Style Moments

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We never forget our fallen hip-hop legends here at The Source, and we definitely couldn’t forget Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes — that spunky rap voice you know and love from the platinum hits of R&B supergroup TLC. Visit for more information From claiming the “crazy” side on CrazySexyCool (1994) to redefining what a “pop-rap” […]

The Source Remembers Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Who Died 15 Years Ago Today

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Lisa Nicole Lopes, or better known as her stage name Left Eye, was one-third of the notable 1990s girl group TLC.  Visit for more information She was known as one of the major creative forces of the group. She was responsible for the group’s image, album titles, artwork, music videos, and received majority of the […]