Young Black Man Found Lynched Had Connections To Ferguson #RememberDanyeJones

Son of Ferguson Activist, Danye Jones, Was Lynched, Covered as a Suicide

A rally and news meeting have been organized today by Danye Jones’, 24, family, who was discovered dead, swinging from a tree on his family’s property, earlier this month. St. Louis County says they are investigating Jones’ death as a suicide. In any case, his mom, Melissa McKinnies, a prominent protestor who organized protests amid […]

Emmet Till Was Lynched 62 Years Ago Today

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Emmet Till, 14, was an African-American young man from Chicago who was visiting his family in Mississippi. A woman named Carolyn Bryant accused Till of grabbing her, making lewd advances, and then wolf-whistling at her. Visit for more information Carolyn’s husband and his pal then located Till and brutally beat him to death. He […]