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Brand New Episodes of ‘Making a Murderer’ Are Coming to Netflix

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Making a Murderer is the docu-drama that took Netflix by storm late last year, as directors and producers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos took viewers on a wild ride chronicling the unfortunate events that led to the arrest, conviction and sentencing of Wisconsin man Steven Avery, who appears to have been framed–at least according to […]

Steven Avery’s Lawyer Says She Has Some New Evidence That Will Prove His Innocence

making a murderer

When Netflix released its crime documentary series Making A Murderer many viewers expressed disgust and outrage with the startling evidence that suggests members of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin law enforcement framed an innocent man. The case of Steven Avery is one of sabotage, deception, and injustice. Making A Murder brought to light many aspects of Avery’s case that are beyond questionable, and depict that […]

‘Making a Murderer’ Director Might Be Working on a 2nd Season


Every once in a while, a Netflix original series blows up to the point where it’s the only thing everyone’s talking about. From the press to casual binge-watchers, it becomes a pop culture “thing.” Well, the Making a Murderer documentary series is that new “thing,” and it has not only become a fan-favorite, but it’s […]