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Malcolm X Would Have Been 95 Years Old Today and His Message is Louder Than Ever

Manhattan D.A to Reexamine Malcolm X's Murder Convictions Following Release of Netflix Documentary

Social activist and spiritual leader, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, better known as Malcolm X, would have been 95 years old today. As we approach his centennial, it is appropriate to point out how relevant his message is now, decades later. The Beginning With an incredible transformation story that has inspired generations, Malcolm X’s legacy is rooted […]

Malcolm X’s Top 10 Influences In Hip Hop Music

boogie down productions by all means necessary malcolm back in the day buffet has put together a classic list honoring the legacy and works of the man who made intelligence cool in Hip Hop music Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little also known to many as El-Hajj Malik El Shabazz, was an African-American Muslim minister and human rights activist born in Omaha, Nebraska, on May 19, 1925. He […]

Today Marks 55 Years Since Malcolm X’s ‘Speech At Ford Auditorium’


Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little was a civil rights activist and a Muslim minister. In 1946, Malcolm and a friend of his were arrested under burglary charges, causing Malcolm to be sentenced to ten years in prison. During his time in prison, Malcolm would find himself being intrigued by the Islam religion. He was inspired […]

Annual Malcolm X Birthday Celebration to be Held on May 19th

UC Malcolm X B Day

Malcolm X is one of the greatest Black leaders during the Freedom Movement. His advocacy for the Black freedom struggle was immortalized in film in Spike Lee’s Malcolm X, starring Denzel Washington. For giving his life to for his people, Malcolm’s life is worthy of celebration. The annual Malcolm X Birthday Celebration at the Malcolm […]

Ya Digg, Sho ‘Nuff: 7 Spike Lee Films That Pushed the Culture Forward


Legendary filmmaker Spike Lee once again made Black History when he took home his first Oscar. After being snubbed for more than 30 years, the Brooklyn-bred made history by taking home his first Oscar for Best Director for the controversial film, BlacKKKlansmen. During the pre-show on the Oscars red carpet, E! announcer Ryan Seacrest asked Spike […]

Kodak Black Tackles Gun Violence & Racism in ‘Malcolm X.X.X.’

Kodak Black Tackles Gun Violence & Racism in 'Malcolm X.X.X.'

Kodak Black’s sophomore album, Dying To Live, is finally here, marking his first post-prison effort. The 16-track project includes features from Juice WRLD, Travis Scott, and Lil Pump. One of the most notable tracks was the ninth cut titled, “Malcolm X.X.X.,” which he addresses the issues of gun violence and racism. The Major Nine-produced record touched […]

Quincy Jones Claims Ray Charles Got Him Addicted to Heroin at 15


Quincy Jones made headlines recently when he did a rare interview with Vulture and spilled all the tea. Jones was busy again on Wednesday when he sat down with Scott Feinberg for the most recent episode of the Awards Chatter podcast. In a wide-ranging interview, the legendary musician, composer, and producer revealed that Ray Charles got […]

Marcus Garvey Biopic Set To Be Released In 2017

Marcus Garvey

Hollywood is developing a film about the late Marcus Garvey and according to IMDB, it’s to be released in 2017. Some news outlets have reported veteran actor Delroy Lindo will play Marcus Garvey, but he hasn’t confirmed the news as yet. Lindo is of Jamaican descent and in his younger years he shuttled between the […]

Five Must Watch Movies During Black History Month

malcolmx thesource

The art of storytelling through cinema has become one of the most moving ways a perspective can be shared. It is also known that Black people have had an interesting legacy in America since our arrival. While some Black History Month narratives are told over and over again, some are harder to get a hold […]

The Source Welcomes Malcolm X to Twitter


The Source is honored to welcome the legacy of Malcolm X to Twitter, and Facebook: @MalcolmXShabazz and Malcolm X Shabazz respectively. El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, known to many as Malcolm X,  was born on May 19, 1925 and lived as an extraordinary human rights leader, with a resonance even beyond his death on February 21, 1965. His legacy has continued to inspire generations and he has […]

Malcolm X Day At Harlem Week Is This Sunday!


In honor of the Malcolm X legacy, please join The Source, Harlem Week and X Legacy in celebration in the heart of Harlem on Sunday; as we help bring you music, art, spoken word and more in honor of the 90/50 year (90th birthday/50th anniversary of the death) of Malcolm X. Please come out to […]